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Five Battery draining Android Apps

“Guys, while navigating throughout our leisure on our smart phones, we are never bored of the Applications, even in a low battery state we are available on the world’s most famous social networking app. Few of us are aware that the App is draining the mobile battery, and well- now we all know that we are talking about‘ Facebook’. Surprisingly, Facebook has topped the global list of most performance-draining Android Apps, which includes battery draining, storage consumption and data usage.”

Battery draining Android Apps
Now, let us go through the five apps and games which are the top battery draining Apps which downgrades the performance of our smart phones. The findings were posted on basis of the research conducted by AVG which took anonymous data out of 1 million AVG Android app users. The test was conducted to collect a list of worst offenders in the Android world.

With Facebook among the top in the list, there are other social apps, games and even bloatware which are consuming high processing power, draining battery life and data processing than we could think of.

The major Apps in this category include pre-installed apps pushed by device manufactures, e.g. 3 of the 10 biggest battery draining app that run on start-up coming from Samsung. News apps are also a warrant, particularly those news apps which are updated on real-time basis.

But, if we are spending more than 60% of our time on gaming in android smart phones/tablets, then it is but obvious that the battery drain would be high. In theis chance, ‘King - the developer’ behind Candy Crush Saga and other in saga series, took out the dubious honour, holding 4 of the top 10 rated spots for performance-draining game apps.

Top five Battery draining Apps in our list:

Chat ON Voice and video call (Samsung)/Watch ON Samsung Tablet.
Candy Crush Saga (King)

So, what if your battery is dropping faster than all those sugar balls in Candy Crush!!! AVG recommends the following:

  • Turning off app notifications
  • Limiting refresh intervals
  • Deleting your cache of temporary files and
  • Limiting the data download while the App is running while you’re Offline.
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