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Five Best Social Network Applications

Hey!! Now, we are moving to Five Social Network Application which is most popular on IOS platform. These are the five apps which are most downloaded Application through Apple Apps Store. These apps are involved in connecting us with our day to day activity. Here goes the list for you:

      1.      WhatsApp:


The most common Instant Messaging App, which now-a-days is downloaded by each age group of our society. In the words of WhatsApp, it is simple, personal and real-time messaging App’. 
You would be amazed to know that WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which has almost replaced text messages from the smart phone users. Not only this, the Users can create groups, send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages on Whatsapp.

      2.      Facebook:


In our list, the second IOS App after WhatsApp, is ‘Facebook’. Facebook is the most famous social networking website among all the Internet users available for social networking thus giving it a second top rating in ‘Appgyaan’ category. Facebook is a craze for all the smartphone users. This easy and free to download app, is a common practise for social networking among your friends.

      3.      YouTube:
You Tube

The next popular App for the IOS platform is ‘Youtube’. With lots of video from its video sharing social site, YouTube App gives you an opportunity to explore the large quantity of videos for your knowledge and Fun on the Go.
      4.      Instagram:


People who are not aware about the Instagram (however, we believe everyone knows), it is an online photo, video sharing, social networking service that enables the Users to take picture and video to share that instantly. This app also helps creating customized designed filters, unlimited uploads, full front and back camera support, etc. One of the best features of the App is that one can tag people in the videos or photo.

      5.      Skype:


One of the best voice & video call App that connects you and help your loved ones with high quality video and voice calling capability. The App also gives features to share files and data on the go.

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