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Five Best Safety Apps

Best Safety Apps

Best Safety App for women
Best Safety App for women 
Nowadays, daily we hear about crime, rape etc. on Women. Hence, safety is an important aspect which cannot be compromised in day to day activities as ‘prevention is better than cure’. According to a recent survey report, on an average nearly 92 women are raped everyday only in India. This shows the security concern for our females.

Today App Gyaan is with five best personal safety apps especially for women. Our phones are loaded with many apps for the Instant Messaging, Social Networks & others. Now, it is the requirement of the time that we need to have one among the below apps in our smartphone for they are very handy and required to be installed in your smartphone for your loved ones and family members. They should know your availability in your hard times. These apps will be your companion when you are going alone outside.

So, now we start with the list of safety apps and post reading request you to share your suggestion and feedback in the comment section below:

Best Safety App
‘VithU’ is one of the best apps for personal safety of women. Moreover, it is a handy app and is easy to use. ‘VithU’ sends emergency messages to your contacts that you have selected, saying “I am in Danger, I Need Help, please follow my location”. The Receiver gets the link of your location which gets updated in every two minutes.

Other than this, ‘VithU’ also provides you the safety tips for any emergency situation.

‘Safetipin’ is a complete safety package. The App makes you aware about the security of the area where you are residing, gives you the option of tracking and alarm features that helps in locating friends and family over GPS that allows them to track you.

The best feature of ‘Safetipin’ is that it keeps you updated about the possible harassment threat and tells you about the precautions that are required to be taken to keep yourself safe. Other than this, ‘Safetipin’ gives you direct option to find the local emergency help numbers, helps you in finding the nearest police stations, hospitals and pharmacy and guides you the best possible directions to reach there.

Best Safety App
Scream Alarm
‘Scream Alarm’ aids in screaming very high for you. ‘Scream Alarm’ helps you, when you are in potential threat. The App helps others (who are passing buy) to know that you are in trouble.

Best Safety App
The second last in our list is ‘NIRBHAYA’ another safety app, which allows you to send messages and call contacts added in the App. All you need to do is to press the power button in your smart phone. ‘NIRBHAYA’ also sends emergency message to your contacts with just a shake/vibration of your phone.

Best Safety Apps
Women's Security
Last but not the least; Women’s security is an App that alarms your dear ones with only a finger touch which would be enough to notify your dear ones. It records surrounding voices for 45 seconds and sends out an alert (through mails and message) to your dear ones alongwith your location.

The best feature of this app is that it works even without a working internet connection in your device. The app is simple and easy to use for All.

These are some of the apps which is very easy to use and will be handy for emergency, they all are free to download and occupy minimum space in your smartphone. So, we hope you will download one out of aforesaid five apps in your smartphone and make yourself ready to overcome/handle any bad situation. 

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