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Five Most Controversial Apps of 2014

 Controversial Apps of 2014

Controversial Apps of 2014
 Controversial Apps of 2014

We are on the edge of the 2014, when we look behind many technologies and Apps has made their mark throughout this year while there are some apps which have made controversies as well.

In this post we will talk about those five apps which have created lots of controversies this year. This list is interesting and might remind you about the controversies related to it. So let’s start the list, hope you will enjoy it.

Ass Hunter

Controversial app 2014

First in our list is Ass Hunter, the most controversial game in 2014 which later on has been removed from the Play Store. If someone reading this article has played this game must be knowing about this, in this game you play as a hunter who shot naked men and if the naked men approached you and you didn’t shoot them, they had a gay sex with you. The description of this game has got a phrase like “play and do not be Gay” and “… you are a hunter and your mission is to kill gays”, which had made people angry and through a successful Twitter campaign the game flagged for inappropriate content and eventually has been removed from the Play Store.

Facebook Messenger

Controversial App 2014

One of the most controversial app and second in our list is Facebook messenger, created by non-other than its owner. They have made the decision this year to totally remove their Messenger and Group services from the main Facebook app and force people to use external applications for each. This has made a lot of people angry and has widely been considered as a bad move. This has forced the user to sacrifice some extra storage space, it has also resulted in having multiple apps constantly waking up their devices causing battery drainage and pinging their data plans.

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Virus Shield
Controversial App 2014

Virus shield made headlines earlier this year when it took the coveted top spot as the number one paid app in the Google Play Store. The feat was impressive especially considering that the app did absolutely nothing. If you have downloaded the app you will be directed to two screens. There was one with an “X” on it and another with a check mark and you could go from one to the other by tapping on the screen. Unfortunately, the wheels were spinning but no one was behind the wheel and the app did nothing else other than changing the graphics. The developer stated that the release was accidental and later on many people got the refund as well. It’s no longer available for download.


Controversial App 2014
Secret is another anonymous platform where people can anonymously post secrets about themselves and others. You can see where this is going. Things have gone so far with Secret that it’s been banned in Israel because people are using it for cyber bullying and also in Brazil for similar reason. Apart from this, Secret is still available for many people around the globe.

Controversial App 2014

It is facet the Uber has not be released this year but it’s driven enough controversy to earn a spot in this list. This app has been banned in Nevada and that has sparked talks to banning it other cities. This was the app which has created lot of news and controversies this year.

So these are the Apps which have been in our list for becoming the most controversial apps for the 2014. Hope you have enjoyed it. Do share this article with your friends and subscribe to our RSS feed for all the latest update directly into your mail box. 

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