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Best tricks with Android

Android is one of the coolest platforms designed to surprise you every time you explore. With Android you can do stuffs that can only be dreamt by iOS or Windows users. With lots of stuff which you can do on Android platform, we have shortlisted five best tricks – which according to us, all Android users should know.

Make your phone snappy with faster animation

One of the common complains all the Android users face is “lagginess”. For whatever reasons Android has never been as smooth as iOS or even the Windows phones. In the last few versions of Android, Google has tried to improve on this concern, but if you still feel like your phone is little laggy there is a trick for speeding things up. Google has hidden some secret developer options inside the settings. Inside this secret developer option there are options of settings for animation and transition speed. Here’s how to speed things up:

Let’s see how to do it!
1.      Open Settings > About Phone
2.      Scroll down and tap on “Build Number” 7 times

3.      Now go back to settings and you should see new “Developer options”
4.      Adjust the window and transition animation scales to .5x or turn them off completely.

Locate and wipe your lost phone
Losing your phone is one of the worst things that can happen. These devices contain sensitive information and private data. If your phone falls into wrong hands it could put you in a world of trouble. These are apps you can download to help in the event of a lost phone, but in order for them to work you need to have them installed before something bad happens. Luckily there is a built-in way to find your lost phone and even wipe all of your personal data.

Let see how we can trace the phone:
1.      Double-check to make sure Android Device Manager is installed
2.      Go to google.com/android/devicemanager
3.      Select your phone from the menu
4.      Now you can see the location, ring it, lock it, or erase it.

Scrub through Songs on lockscreen
When you’re playing music on your phone the lockscreen gets taken over with beautiful album art and media controls. These controls allow you to go back, play/pause, or skip to the next song without having to fully unlock the device. However, that’s not all you can do with those buttons. A little now feature is the ability to scrub through a song from the lockscreen. It’s stupidly easy to do, but not an obvious feature.

Let’s see how we can do that:
1.      With music playing, long-press on the media control buttons
2.      Scrub through the song with newly present bar

Change what app launches with the home button shortcut
On devices with software buttons you can launch Google Search by swiping up on the home button. Some devices with hardware buttons allow you to do this with a long-press on the home button. An app called Home Button Launcher allows you to use this gesture to launch any app you would like. This gives you quick access to your favourite apps from anywhere on the phone.

Let’s see how we can do it:
     1.  Download Home Button Launcher from Google Play
     2.  Swipe up or long press the home button
     3. Tap home Button Launcher and make it default
     4. Tap the Menu icon and select “Add”
     5. Choose all the apps you wish to appear in the shortcut

Save battery in the GPS settings
If you don’t rely on location data a lot you could be saving some precious battery life. Android has a built-in setting that allows you to determine how you want your phone to find your location. There are three different modes: high accuracy, battery saving and device only. This trick isn’t for everyone but if you don’t care about location it’s a nice way to save some juice of your battery.

Let’s how we can do that:

      1. Go to Settings > Location
      2. Tap on “Mode”
      3. Select your desired location mode

We are aware that some smart Android users may be using some of the above discussed tips. It might be that we must have missed some cool tips, please share your tips and suggestions in comments section below. You can subscribe to our RSS Feed for all the latest of APP GYAAN directly into your Inbox.

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