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Five best apps for travellers

Traveller app
Five Best Apps for Travellers
Holidays are approaching, many people have already pre-planned their vacations and some are still planning – this article is for all who prefer planning the tour, enjoy more and reduce last moment hassles and will also help frequent travellers. Yes, today we are going to review five such apps that will make your traveling full of ease.

So let’s begin the journey, and have a look which App you should download now if you are planning you holidays or traveling.

Best Apps for traveller

First hurdle you face when you are out of your house is of staying, Trivago solves that pain. Trivago helps you search for hotels around you and gives you the best deals, by comparing all the online hotel booking sites. They provide over 700,000 deals every day, you can filter the search according to your need, like you can filter it according to your budget, interest, locations, etc.

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Best Apps for traveller

With TripAdvisor you can search the hotels, restaurants and many more, with their reviews. TripAdvisor has over 225 million reviews and opinions by travellers. They also help you to find the lowest airfare, best hotels, great restaurants and fun things to do when you are at new place. You can also book hotel through them.

Best Apps for traveller

This app is for all my friends who plan surprise tours. This App helps you get the best deals on hotels and flights on the last minute tickets. They provide option of 120,000+ hotels in 4,500 cities worldwide, which is huge. For airlines they provide the option of 175 airlines to make your trip convenient. Great and a must app to have it in your mobile, if you travel on last minute. 

Travel Pocket
Best Apps for Traveller
When you are on a trip, money flows like water from your hand or if you do lot of shopping on the tips, then this app is made for you. This app helps you to keep track your money and expenses. The main benefit it gives you that you can track you expenses in any currency. One of the coolest app, which helps reduce your expense.

Best Apps for traveller

Last but not the least, traveling is all about memories and this app helps you in collecting all those memories with you. Travel dairy works similar as a social network except that the posts are only stored on your phone.

Hope you have enjoyed the post and apps will help you in current or upcoming travel trip. You can also subscribe to App Gyaan RSS Feed for all the latest update from App Gyaan in your Inbox. 

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