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Future Technology: A Must Read List

Future technology
Future Technologies
“What is innovation?” this question can be answered in various ways and in different words, but the main motive of the innovation in future technology is to help in creating a new market and has a capability to bring the changes (Over a few years or decades) in the traditional way of performing things in Future.

Technology is one of the most happening and changing thing, it changes with every minute. India is also leading the trend of changing technologies, with great innovations in last couple of years; coming years might bring lot of success in the technology market of India.

Today in this article we will try to focus on the five such technologies, which are the future of technology in India.


With Changing technologies and use of internet, we spend maximum of our time online doing different activities. Considering that cyber security is one of the major concerns, there are many companies, which are working towards it and in last couples of years many of them have come forward with detection tools for the cyber-attacks. In coming time these companies will focus more on smart, analytical and big-data security systems to protect the data more effectively. In India, many companies are working to overcome these security concerns. 

Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT is still in its early stage but, this is one of the most revolutionized innovations which will change the way we use internet. Every day a new device or we can say smart device is making its way in the market, it is leading to the world where all our basic requirements (from our Cloths to Thinking) will be connected to the internet.

According to the experts, IoT will be the next biggest thing happening in the world. It has a potential to spread in a similar fashion as the internet and mobile did. Technology giant companies like Apple and Google has seen this opportunity in very early stage and are in the market with some consumer focused smart devices like smart glasses, smart- watches, Google self-driven cars and Health Monitoring devices.

With lots of IoT startup in Indian market the future of IoT in Indian market is on the peak, some of the Indian companies like YU have recently launched the Health band and health check-up devices which can easily talk to your smart phone. So be patient, days are coming when every device we use will be connected to internet.

Wearable Technology

After Mobile & Tablets the world is moving towards the wearable technologies. Wearable Technologies and mobile health is achieving a new height as most of the mobile companies are rushing to this industry.

Wearable is also a part of IoT industry, with main focus on the health. This industry is one boom to the market of future technologies as many companies are bringing new wearable devices in the market with different and unique features like monitoring, diagnostic and treatment tools.

India is also taking part in this growing industry with great success, recently an Indian company RHL Vision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Developed a new wearable ring called “Fin” this innovation makes your palm a numeric keypad and a gesture interface.

Smart Shoes

With this new innovation, another Indian startup Ducere Technologies has made the marks in industry this future technology helps user to navigate, tag location, count your steps and many such features, this shows the growth of India in the future innovation industry. This is one of the industries which is going to boom in the coming days.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is another future technology which will bring the changes in the coming days. In last few years AI has advanced significantly, almost all of us use smartphones that works with our voice command or recognize our speech.

Considering the facts of upcoming changes mobile operating system manufacturer Apple and Google are working very hard on these AI systems. Systems like Self-driving cars and automated flying drones are now in the testing stage before it gets into the market with the full force. This shows that the world is moving very fast towards the Artificial Intelligence, as it is being used to develop many systems in different sector of technologies.

This is also one of the future technologies which will be the game changer for India.


Drone is one of the widely adopted technology in the recent years in military, and now it is playing an important role for them, now a days this technology is widely used in agriculture, shootings and multiple other applications. This is the technology which helps in getting cheap and extensive aerial surveillance.

The biggest advantage of these drones is that they are being operated by human pilots from the ground with the help of remote. The next step in drone technology is to develop machines that fly themselves, so that they can be used for providing wide range of services. This future technology has lot of potential in coming years, in India.  It can act as the revolution for the service industries. This is one of the best future technologies to watch out in coming days.

This is what we are having in today’s article, hope you have liked it. Do share your views and point in comment section below on these Future Technologies. You can subscribe to our RSS FEED for all the updates directly to your mail box.

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