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Five new features of iOS9

Five New Feature of iOS9
One of the most awaited releases in OS section after release of Windows 10 is iOS9 ̶ soon we will have that as a reality. The first question that comes, when we are about to get the new OS update, is what new things it will bring to our device?

Today, in this article we are going to talk about the five new features or improvements that you will find the upcoming iOS9.

Siri Improvement

Siri is about to receive the update which will make it more effective and intelligent. Some design improvement has been made, keeping Apple watch in mind. Some new settings have been introduced to help you use Siri in more effective and efficient way, for example you can turn on the setting that mutes Siri when you mute your phone. Activation of Siri is being indicated by vibration in iOS9.

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Better Battery Performance

Yes, you heard it correct, iOS9 will have better battery performance with “Low Power Mode”. Low Power Mode will give you up to an hour of extra battery life. You can turn that on from the setting option or once your phone battery reaches to the level of 20% it will ask you to turn on the Low Power Mode. With the new added options in battery section you can get a detail data about which app is consuming how much battery. Once you switch on the Low Power Mode a new Battery widget shows how much battery capacity is left on both your iPhone and on a paired Apple Watch.

Improved Mail App

With iOS9 Mail App has got some significant changes, with some improvised features and freedom. Now in iOS9 Mail App you will be able to add any type of attachment to you mail from your device memory or directly from iCloud Drive. The updated Mail will give an option to save the attachment directly to your iCloud Drive and will feature bulk actions like Mark All, Move All and Trash All.   

Introduction of Back Button

You are the one who has shifted to iOS from Android and missing Back Button, Apple has understood your pain and in iOS9 we will see the Back Button. The interface of iOS9 will show you the links to go back to the previous app. You will find this link in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

Faster Apple Pay

If you use Apple pay for your online shopping then Apple has made your work easier with faster Apple Pay. In addition to accessing Apple Pay via the new Wallet app on your device, you can also navigate to the mobile payments app from the lock screen by double-clicking the home button. From there you’ll be able to see your wallet, choose a card and make you payment in a faster way.

These are some of the newly improved features you will find in the all new iOS9; hope you have enjoyed the post. With iOS9 App Gyaan will be available on Apple News for you easy access. Do share your views and suggestion in comment section below.  

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