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Five Ways to access the Blocked Website

Ways to Access Blocked Website
Ways to Access Blocked Site
Are you facing the problem of “Blocked Website” in your office, college, school or by your Internet Service Providers? If your answer is yes, then this article will help you to get rid of this issue.

Today we will talk about the five ways by which you can Access the blocked website. These steps will help you to bypass the restrictions and surf normally, but we will recommend you to check with your local authorities before using them. App Gyaan will not be responsible if you’ve breach the regulations.

So let’s start the tricks:

Proxy Websites to access the blocked websites:

Proxy websites are nothing but online proxy servers instead of directly connecting to the websites that are blocked at your place. In this trick you first connect to the Proxy server and it will redirect to the blocked website and you can access them easily.

There are many Proxy websites available on internet, with the help of that you will be able to access the blocked websites.

Some of the Proxy Websites are as follows:

Use IP address instead of domain name

If you are facing the problem of “Blocked Website” in your colleges or schools then this tip will be useful for you. Normally School or Colleges use software to block the websites in which they enter the URL of the website, so when you put the website address it gets blocked. So if you want to access those websites then use IP address of the website to access it.

Using Translation Web Services

There are many website on the internet Google – Translate and Bing – Translate which converts the whole page from one language to another. Enter the URL of the blocked websites there and you will be able to use the Blocked Websites easily.

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Subscribe to RSS Feed

This is one of the simplest ways to access the “Blocked Website”. This trick might not work for all the websites, but if you want to visit the website which provides RSS Feed then this will be a good option to access the website directly from your main box.

Use Short URL

Again this tip will not be helpful in the entire environment, but you can check this as the blocking is for the specific domain only and changing the URL will help you to access the site.

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