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App Permission: Be careful while clicking yes

App Permission: Be careful while clicking yes
With increasing use of Smartphone and application, apps are seeking more access to improve the focus of advertising. Users should be Careful while giving the permission to these Apps. 

In the age where we are talking about the digital equality and digital India, security awareness is still a major concern for the 300 mobile internet users.

All the Mobile users download numerous no of apps for there different day-to-day use and providing numerous permission unwittingly to various companies. According to the experts these behavior causes many threat to the Mobile users.

“Privacy concern and awareness of threats from mobile applications is extremely poor in India. Over time, applications have become more and more intrusive,” says Akhilesh Tuteja, partner and head of IT advisory, KPMG.

Earlier the requirement of these types of permissions was half in the numbers as compared to present. In the recent years, apps have become a lot more immersive and companies want more access to fetch more user behavior and provide the relevant content, these progress and activities are the result of Focussed advertising.

This is not surprise as the user behavior with the mobile phone has changed drastically in last few years, and now people are more dependent on the mobile to complete there works, search, read, and many more activity.

According to an Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), Smartphone Market is growing at rapid pace- urban areas registers a year on year growth of 71% in December 2015 while the user-base in rural Zones has gone up by 93% from December 2014. 

We at App Gyaan request all the users to think twice before clicking on and giving all the permission what App wants, with increasing digital frauds we have to have a close eye on what we are doing on our mobile phone.

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Originally published on IndianExpress 

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