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Does whole night charging destroy iPhone Battery?

Does whole night charging destroy iPhone Battery?
We all have one common belief, when it comes to the charging the phone, “all night charging, can lead to lasting damage of the battery” and many of us follow this as well.

Today in this article we will try to understand about the two biggest myths, when it comes to charging your Smartphone.

Jesse Hollington, Senior Editor for iLounge.com, Author of iPod & iTunes Portable Genius, has put full stop on all the myths like this, while giving interview to Quora.

While giving the answer to the question, “does charging my iPhone 6 overnight destroy my battery?” His answer was “Charging your iPhone overnight will not harm your battery in the slightest.”

Explaining it further he said, “it is just not possible to overcharge an iPhone, or any other modern device electronic device, for that matter. Any device that uses a Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery must incorporate a charging circuit that cuts off charging power when the battery reaches 100 per cent.”

Other than this, there is a second biggest myth, we hear that we should always charge the phone when entire battery is drained.

Explaining this myth Jesse Hollington said, in case of an iPhone, there are 500 charge cycles, and “every time you charge your iPhone up from 90 per cent, you're using one-tenth, or 10 per cent, of a complete charge cycle. This means you could charge your iPhone up from 90 –100 per cent, 5,000 times before you'd have to worry about running out of charge cycles. However, if you deliberately drain your battery to zero and then re-charge it, instead of simply plugging it in when it needs to be charged, you're needlessly using up a complete charge cycle.”

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So, ladies and gentleman, if you have also believed on these myths, then break that today. You should charge your phone when ever you get time, this way you get more charge cycle for your Smartphone’s.

Hope you have liked the post, do share your suggestion and feedback in comment section below.

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