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Five Tips & Tricks of iOS9.3

iOS 9.3
Five Tips & Tricks of iOS9.3
Apple has launched its latest OS iOS 9.3 for the users after the month long beta testing. iOS 9.3 is a major release for Apple user after iOS 9.

With new OS, Apple users are capable to do more things in their iPhone; keeping this fact in mind we have brought five Tips and Trick with iOS 9.3.

Turning Night Shift ON

iOS 9.3 comes with a new feature called Night S  hift that can automatically shift the colors of your display to the warmer end of the color spectrum after dark. This is a very handy feature to all those who has got the habit of going through the twitter or Facebook feed before going to bed in the night.

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This service is not by default on your phone, you have to turn it on manually. To turn the feature on, follow these steps Settings > Display & Brightness > Night shift.

Here you get the option to schedule to run or “Manually enable it until tomorrow.” You can also set the “warmth” of the display from “less warm” to “More warm”.  

Turning on passwords in Notes

With iOS 9.3 one of the greatest feature you get is, now you can protect your notes with password, to do this you have to go to Settings > Notes > Password.

There you can set a default password for all your notes, and if you have “TouchID enable” then that can also work with it.

Once you have enabled the password, then you have to turn the password on individual notes. To do that you have to go to note in question, and press the share icon and then the “Lock Note” icon, this step will add the lock icon to the Note. Now tap on the icon to lock the Note. Next time you have to give the password for opening the note. Please note that you need to have iOS 9.3 to enable this feature.

Access the Wi-Fi Settings quickly with 3D Touch

If you are using iPhone 6S or 6S plus, now you can use 3D touch on the Setting icon to reveal quick links to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Battery Settings. The move makes it really speedy to jump to the wireless settings.

Duplicate Live Photo to Still Photo

If you have taken a Live Photo, then now you have a option to create a full resolution still photo from it as a duplicate without damaging the original Live Photo. To do so, find the picture you want to duplicate, press the share button and then select Duplicate. On the next menu chose Duplicate or Duplicate as Still Photo.

Like, Save, Share in Apple News

Apple has given the power to users to like, save, share from Apple News App, just by swiping to article headlines. Just like you do to delete the emails in Apple Mail, you can now swipe left to revel the new Like, Save, and Share options without going into the story, its quick and simple.

We request users to like App Gyaan articles and share it maximum with all your friends and family.

We do understand that there must be more tips and tricks that we have not mentioned, if you have found one then do share it in comment section below.   

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