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WhatsApp is Encrypted now!!!!!

WhatsApp is Encrypted now!!!!!
Security is one of the major concerns, when it comes to Instant Messaging apps. Photo, Videos or the message what you send is at high risk from the security point of view from your device.

To over come this issues, WhatsApp, the worlds best Instant Messaging App, with more than 1 Billion users has encrypted its App on all platforms. It’s good news for the user who has the concern about the security and privacy of the data they share on the platform. This step can also be seen as the part of long term goal of the company to make it self available for the business communication.

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"The idea is simple: when you send a message, the only person who can read it is the person or group chat that you send that message to, no one can see inside that message, not cyber criminals, not hackers, not oppressive regimes, not even we.

WhatsApp co-founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton wrote in a blog post Tuesday. 

Encryption like this, in which only the sender and receiver can decrypt messages, make impossible for the legal bodies to decrypt the message in the emergency, same case what has happened with the Apple in recent time.

The Apple case involved data stored on an iPhone used by one of the terrorists in San Bernardino, California. By contrast, WhatsApp provides chat, group chat and voice call services to users - or "data in motion."

WhatsApp and Facebook are "great American companies," FBI General Counsel James A. Baker said Tuesday in a moderated discussion at a conference of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. But "this presents us with a significant problem."

If the trend continues, he said, "Encryption like that will continue to roll out in a variety of different ways across the technological landscape." Some of it is good, he said, noting that his own data has been stolen by hackers a number of times and he wished that the data had been encrypted. "But the key thing is that it has costs."

His boss, FBI Director James B. Comey, has often said that the Islamic State is using encrypted apps to direct people to kill "innocent people" in the United States. And it is hindering investigations of murder, child pornography, organized crime and a range of other crimes, law enforcement officials said.

While giving the reaction on this Moxie Marlinspike, founder of Open Whisper Systems, a group of software developers that has helped the company integrate the "end-to-end" encryption into its platform, said “What we're doing is trying to make private communications simple," not thwart criminal investigations.

While giving the reaction on this Koum, who is the Chief Executive for WhatsApp Said "I grew up in the USSR during communist rule and the fact that people couldn't speak freely is one of the reasons my family moved to the United States."

Legally we can not evaluate the feature but keeping in mind the users, WhatsApp has finally released the most needed feature for Instant Messaging. 

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