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5 Camera Tips for iPhone

5 Camera Tips for IPhone
5 Camera Tips for IPhone
In the series of tips and tricks, today we are going to talk about some cool tips about the camera of iPhone.

iPhone is the great device with great hardware built in, when we talk about the camera it is capable of taking some astonishing photos. These tips will help you take some awesome pictures. So let’s start

Set focus and exposure—and apply exposure compensation

You probably know that you can tap somewhere on the screen when you’re in the Camera app to tell your iPhone specifically where to focus (even if it has recognized faces in the scene and decided to prioritize them) but this also sets the exposure, that is, how bright or dark the image is.

Traditional (and now of course digital) photography has a concept called exposure compensation, the idea that you let the camera decide how best to expose the scene, but then you give it a nudge—expressed usually in thirds of a “stop”—brighter or darker, to better reflect the shot you want to take. You can do this on an iPhone too, but it’s much less technical; tap on your subject, then drag the little brightness (sunburst) symbol next to the focus square up to make the picture brighter, or down to make it darker.

Use a hardware shutter

If you’ve got the current incarnation of iPhone ear buds, you can use the volume control on the cord as a remote control. This can give you better camera distance for the ubiquitous selfie.

Make Use of Broken Lance

Kai has a broken 18-135mm lens from which he’s salvaged parts. Holding these lens parts in front of the iPhone camera lens yields a few interesting effects, including a tilt-shift/fisheye shot. Kai happily notes that his iPhone now has Canon optics, and that holding your broken lens bits in front of your phone will make you look pretty silly.

Use the Camera grid to set-up your shorts 

When casually shooting with your iPhone, it's very easy to produce wonky photos, where the horizon is accidentally tilted at an angle. Skew-wif photos can look good if it appears deliberate, but it's best to know what you're shooting, rather than occasionally stumbling upon some photographic gold.

Switching on gridlines is the easiest way to do this. The grid super imposes a series of lines on the screen of the camera app, to make it much easier to compose your photos.

This feature isn't something you switch on in the actual camera app, though. Apple got rid of that way back iOS 7. Instead, go to Settings and scroll down to Photos & Camera. This holds the camera options that are kept out of the app itself in order to keep things less cluttered.

Use Apps to Edit the Photo

After taking the good picture with the great hardware, the next thing is editing the picture for the great effects. So go to App Store right away and get some cool apps for Photo editing before you use it make it your social Media profile Picture.

These are some of the cool tips which you can use to make most out of your iPhone camera; we believe there are more tricks, which can be implemented for better photography. If you know some of them, please let us know in comment section below. 

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