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5 Tips to charge your iPhone fast

iPhone Charging
5 Tips to charge your iPhone fast
World is adopting the new technologies very fast from the mobile to computer, but charging is the biggest headache as of today. Taking this point, maximum mobile companies are talking about the fast charging technology and many mobile companies are adopting it very fast for maximization of their devices. Recently we have published the article “These five charging habits are killing your iPhone Battery”, where we have talked about the five charging habits, which might be the reason leading to your drained iPhone battery.

In the series of Tips & Tricks for iPhone, today we have new article for you where we are going to talk about the 5 simple tips which will help you to charge your iPhone battery at the faster rate. So, if you have the problem of slow charging on your phone than this article is going to talk much about solution of your problem.

Even if your phone is not facing the issue of slow charging, these habits you should adopt so that your phone battery should last for longer time and don’t have any further issue in future.

Don't use your computer

The new trend for charging the phone has started, from the time companies has started giving the USB charging cable with your Smartphones. Biggest challenge we face while charging phone from the computer is speed of charging, the phones takes lots of time to get charged and tis way battery capabilities also go down.

So first thing you should do for the fast charging is to stop using your Computer (Laptop/Desktop). It is recommended that you should use a wall charger or external battery pack instead of your laptop's USB port. It might be less convenient, but it will allow to your transfer more amps of power at once. That means it will be faster.

Use Original Charger

This we have recommended in the earlier post as well, the best way of charging your phone is through original charger. Actually company design the charger as per the AMP requirement of battery installed in your iPhone. In OS it is recommended that you use the phone’s original charger, so you get fast charging as well as it will help you to get maximum battery capabilities of your iPhone.

Charger from the reputed third party manufacturer can also do the needful. But if you take our recommendations, we will suggest going for original Apple charger.   

Put your iPhone on Airplane Mode while charging

Yes you read it correctly, it is recommended that you put your iPhone one Airplane Mode while charging your iPhone. This will help your iPhone to get charged at the maximum speed.

Ostensibly designed for, you guessed it, airplanes; this shuts off the radios for things like cellular data, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Charging with that stuff disabled will save you a few minutes than it'd take otherwise, depending on how long you're plugged in.

Use wireless charging

Recently we took a look at the how we can charge your iPhone wireless. They work as advertised, and are probably as 'fun' as charging a smartphone could be. It's something which everyone is waiting on the Apple future iPhones, the way Samsung high ends phone already have.

Remove the Back case
iPhone wood cover

If you use the fancy back cover for your iPhone, then you should remove it while charging your iPhone. In other words, keep your device cool. Apple itself says that keeping the battery in a room temperature climate will get you the steadiest results in the long run.

The lithium-ion battery in your phone is a physical, delicate thing, and as a result, it doesn't play nice with extreme heat, the kind that some tight-fitting cases can trap over your phone while it's charging.

With the hope that Apple will introduce iPhone 7 with fast charging capabilities, till that time these are some of the tips which you can use to charge your iPhone with speed.

Do share you views and experiences with these tips in comment section below.

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