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Apple Watch 2 Release Date & Update

Apple Watch 2
Apple Watch 2 Release Date & Update
Other than iPhone 7, iOS 10 and WatchOS3, this fall season is likely to witness the release of new device from Apple. Yes, you anticipated that well, its none other than Apple Watch 2.

Official word on the Apple Watch 2 right now is nearly scarce and the rumor mill is the only feasible source of potential features. Though most are unofficial, as per the history of Apple and expectations the Apple wearable is going (hopefully) to come out with new features to improve the experience on the first Apple Watch.

While talking with Jim Cramer on Mad Money, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked up the Apple Watch 2 features saying, “You’ll see the Apple Watch getting better and better.”

Looking further out Cook said, “I think that in a few years we will look back and people will say, ‘How could I have ever thought about not wearing this watch?”

This all seems to be an indication towards the change which we are going to see in the upcoming Apple Watch; even the new Watch OS 3 has some indication of that.

The Apple Watch 2 offers an opportunity to deliver upgrades that buyers will see a direct impact from, and that will build on Watch OS 3.0. It’s very likely that some new Apple Watch 2 features will come as exclusive Watch OS 3.0 upgrades. The much talked feature of new Apple Watch is the GPS capabilities. According to 9 to 5 Mac, the new feature of GPS will help account for accurate logging of workouts, in Simple words, it will help user to remove the dependency of iPhone.

Other than GPS Apple Watch 2 may have some more awesome features and Replacing Micro LED panels will replace OLED panels on Apple Watch 2 is one of them.

Micro LED panels replacing OLED in Apple Watch 2

Aside from GPS, there is the more interesting take on the display technology that it will be used. The word out on that is that the Apple Watch 2 will be shifting to Micro LED panels to deliver better resolutions and take some load off the wearable’s battery according to BGR.

Micro LED panels are thinner and lighter than OLED screens, hinting that the next wearable will be lighter and richer to use. That alone should be another keen reason for people to be interested on the Apple Watch 2.

The integration of micro LED panels in the Apple Watch assumed significance after Apple acquired US-based LuxVue Technologies, which designs and develops micro-LEDs for gadgets. According to the reports, Apple had already established a lab in northern Taiwan for R&D of new display technology.

Apple Watch 2 Coming this September?

Apple is going to host an event in 2016 fall season, and as per the history it may be in the month of September (early September, to be more clear) to release iOS 10, Watch OS 3 & iPhone 7 (as per the history of release). It might be that Apple watch also gets released at the same time, running on Watch OS 3.

Recent decline in the prices of Apple Watch have some other story to tell as this might be an indication towards the release of Watch 2 before expectations.
But as per our information it’s possible that Apple shifts the date of release and include in the September event.

As far as the prices are concern, it is expected that device will be released on the higher price when compared to the earlier version of the device, killing the pattern of iPhone, where Apple keeps the prices of new devices similar to the order version.

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