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Awesome tricks to speed up your tablet or smartphone (iPhone & iPad)

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Awesome tricks to speed up your tablet or smartphone (iPhone & iPad)
If you are using old Smartphone or the tablet, you will agree that devices tend to slow down over time and fact is that we all buy the devices with the cutting edge specifications but soon that specifications become yesterday’s technology.

To overcome this issue, you can update to both operating systems and apps, but that can place extra strain on processors, memory and storage space and hence with all the respect these components that cannot be upgraded.

The option which you have is to buy a new device with a new technology or follow some simple steps to make your devices run efficiently for a longer duration.

In this article we are going to share some tips which will speed up your device for a longer time.
First of all we will be talking about the iPhone & iPad, we are considering that your device is running on iOS 8.

Turn off visual effects

Each new version of iOS brings new visual effects that look marvellous on the very latest iPhones and iPads, but they have a habit of making older models grind to a near halt. Fortunately, most are easily disabled.

Go to Settings - General - Accessibility. Start by tapping Reduce Motion to enable the option and disable the 3D effect on the lock screen and Home screen wallpaper — you’ll just see a static background image, instead.

Next tap Increase Contrast and turn on the toggle to disable the see-through effect for iOS. It won’t look quite so pretty, but it will run faster.

Turn off background searching

iOS has few tools that run in the background to make your iPhone or iPad a little slicker to use, but turning them off will increase the performance of your device.

Go to Settings - General - Spotlight Search and tap every ticked item in the list to untick it. This will disable the search option that appears when you pull down on the Home screen, but it’s worth it for the extra performance you’ll gain.

Increase free storage space

Insufficient free storage can also slow down an iPad or iPhone, so check how much you have left. Go to Settings - General - Usage and look under the Storage section. If Available is less than 1GB, you may run into problems, so tap Manage Storage and look down the list of apps to see which are taking up the most space.

You can tap Music, Photos & Camera and Videos to delete individual files within each, but the only option for the rest is to delete the app and all the data it uses. Unless you’re very careful with your app downloads, you’re bound to have a few you never use (despite your best intentions), so get rid of them.

Reset all settings

Resetting all the settings or doing the factory reset can work wonder to your iPhone or iPad over the time, but we would like to remind you to take the back up of your device before do this step.

Go to Settings - General - Reset and tap reset All Settings. You’ll need to enter your passcode to continue, if you have one, and then follow the on-screen instructions. The whole process only takes a minute or two.

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