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Awesome tricks to speed up your tablet or smartphone (Android)

Smartphone tips
Awesome tricks to speed up your tablet or smartphone (Android)

As the series of tricks to speed up your tablet or Smartphone, yesterday we brought tips for iPhone and iPads. Today in this article, we are going to talk about the tips for the Android users.

Due to different manufacturers and Android versions running on the devices these tips might changs according to that. We have tried to keep it at the best to work with maximum or all the devices.

Remove widgets and live wallpapers
Android gives you more and more options in terms of widgets and Live Wallpapers and it is one of the key feature for android but they can affect performance drastically — so turn them off.

How you do this depends on your version of Android, but you can usually tap and hold a widget on the Home screen to remove it. Tapping and holding a blank area of the Home screen usually brings up the wallpaper options, too, so select a static image to remove live wallpaper.

Limit visual effects

To make your experience more vibrant, android has got lots of visual effects, but believe us this is affecting your phone performance.

Go to Settings - Developer options. If you can’t see this, instead go to Settings - About phone (or similar) and find the Build number section. Tap this section seven times and you should see a message along the lines of “You are now a developer”.

In Developer Options, tap Window animation scale, Transition Animation scale and (if you have it) Animator duration scale in turn and set each to Off.

Increase your phone Internal Memory

One of the key factors for the performance of android device is dependent on the internal memory. So try to keep the maximum memory free on your device.

You should also move the Apps to SD Card (Which Can be moved) to improve the phone performance.

To free up internal storage, go to Settings - Apps and tap Internal Storage at the top of the screen to see which apps are using internal storage.

It’s also worth checking the Cache size for all apps at this point and tapping the Clear cache button for any with very large stores of these temporary files. You can also use third party apps for this activity.

Hope you have liked our posts for iPhone & iPads and Android, do share your views and suggestion in comment section below. 

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