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Great News for iPhone users

iOS 10
Great News for iPhone users

In recently conducted WWDC 2016, Apple has launched iOS 10 with many new and enhanced features for the users.

With iOS 10 Apple has launched a great feature which was awaited by many iPhone users.

Apple has added a feature that allows all the iPhone users to delete the in-built apps from the iPhone.

The feature which will be welcomed by maximum iPhone & iPad users as it will help users to get some extra space to their device.

Till iOS9 iPhone and iPad has certain sets of pre-installed apps and it was impossible to delete the apps from the devices forcing users to keep the apps, even if particular users have no use of those apps.

Apple has released the full list of apps that can be deleted from the device on their official website.

The list has almost all the standard apps except Phone, Message and some other. Apple has also posted a warning stating deleting some system apps might effect the normal functioning of iOS.

The relished statement, apple said, "iOS 10 has been designed to be space efficient and by deleting the apps user can free up 150 MB of space on their iOS devices.

As we all know the developer beta version of the iOS 10 has been relished and in fall of 2016 the OS will be made available for the common users.

To add Apple has recently launched its new operating system for iPad and iPhone, with some great new features changing the experience of some apps.

It is also expected that with iOS 10 public release,  iPhone 7 series will be launched in early September.

Hope you must have liked this feature of iOS 10. Do share you views and suggestion in comment section below.

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