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Enable Wireless charging on your iPhone

Wireless Charging on iPhone
Enable Wireless charging on your iPhone
Are you waiting for the feature of wireless charging on your iPhone? If your Answer is yes, then we have a solution for you. In this article we will talk about how we can enable wireless charging on your iPhone.

Wireless charging is a concept which was introduced on the android flagships. Samsung is the company which enables their users with this option by giving the feature in Galaxy S6 and then taking that tradition to the next generation of device.

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So lets come back to the point that how we can enable wireless charging on iPhone. So lets start.
Things that you will need to enable the wireless charging are below:
  1. A wireless charging receiver card for your iPhone. This you can get easily by searching on Amazon.
  2. A Qi-compatible charger. This is available easily on any online websites.
  3. A non-metallic flexible case or cover no thicker than 5mm (only required if the receiver coil you've chosen doesn't come with a case).

Using this is very easy, just pop the wireless charging card into your iPhone's connector, fold it over the back, and pop it into a case and you're done.

This system is great to use and convenient over wired charging, which we normally use.

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This system gives you a flexibility to charge your phone with the ease.

Hope this will help you to enable wireless charging on your iPhone. Do share your views and experiences in comment section below.

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