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Five Hidden features of iPhone

iPhone tips and tricks
Five Hidden features of iPhone
Gone are the days when we use to carry lots of gadgets like Calculators, Mp3 Players, Camera, etc. to make our life easy. Now maximum gadgets are replaced with our own Smartphone. We get all the needed help and support from one common device.

So today we are going to talk about the five such hidden features which might not be known to you. Hope you will enjoy the post, do share your opinions and suggestions in comment section below.

iPhone Calculator is more than normal calculator

If you use calculator on your iPhone you must be using the standard calculator. iPhone offers a scientific calculator as well. For those that need it, though, the iPhone does come with the scientific version. Simply go into the iPhone calculator and turn the phone to landscape mode to use it. Keep in mind that if your phone is locked into portrait mode, you must first unlock it to use the scientific calculator.

Do more with calendar

If you rely a lot on the calendar for the day or the week plan then this tip is for you. Stay on schedule with a full calendar view of your weekly plans. First enter the built-in iPhone calendar app in portrait mode. When you see the monthly view, tilt the phone into landscape mode. The monthly view will transform into a detailed display of your scheduled events for the week. The events are color-coded according to work/home, etc. (Again, remember to unlock portrait mode before using this feature.)

Make a custom notification light on iPhone

iPhone don’t have the front panel notification light, which is bit annoying as you don’t come to know if the message is waiting in the phone. To overcome this issue, you can use the LED camera light on the back of the iPhone to set the flash when messages are received. To use this feature you have to go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Under the Hearing category, switch on the toggle next to "LED Flash for Alerts."

Safari's Reading List

Safari gives you lots of options if you are a good reader on your iPhone or iPad. One of the feature is “Safari's Reading List.” With this you can tag pages you want to save and read them later. When you want to save a page, tap the menu button at the bottom of the screen and select "Add to Reading List." To access the saved article you can enter Safari and select Bookmarks > Reading List.

Get into deep of your iPhone keypad

iPhone supports all the languages from around the world, to type any special word to some special one in different language you can hold the word key which you want change and option will be open to help you to type the exact word you wanted.

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