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Five Hidden features of your iPhone and iPad

iPhone Tips and tricks
Five Hidden features of your iPhone and iPad
iPhone is one of the best technologies available in the market (according to me). Great technologies has great features as well, same is the case with iPhone. As an iPhone user we know many and some are still hidden.

Today in this article we will talk about five such handy features which might not be known to you. We do understand that some of them might be familiar to you.

Dial an Extension Automatically with the Phone App

iPhone has a feature of pause dialing, one of the unique feature of its kind. What does pause dealing means? It means, it will help you to dial two numbers by pausing after the first call. Ok , lets understand it with example, suppose you have to dial to company desk phone which is 7685498 and then  reach to particular extension which 657 then you can use this feature. To use this feature just tap and hold the star button”*” after the first number. A comma will show up. Add the second number to dial after the pause.

Signal Strength Displays with Number

With your iPhone you can check the signal strength in your phone by simply dialing a number. To do this you can follow the below steps:

A. Type *3001#12345#* and then hit Call in keyboard

B. After you tap the Call button, you will see the Field Test as follow. Now you’ve got a negative number indicating the decibels referenced to one mill watt (dBm) rather than a signal bar.

Banish a Banner Notification

If you have lots of application installed in your device and that push lots notification to you, then this tip will help you.

You can just swipe right to left to banish a banner notification. It’s very important to know this when that embarrassing text shows up suddenly on your screen.

Control your music with your headphone

While traveling taking out phone again and again to change the music you want is a big headache. While this tip will help you to overcome this.

With the remote of your headphone, you can go to the next track or the previous track while listening to music or podcasts.

Single click to the center button of your headphone will play and stop the music, but clicking twice will take you to next track and clicking thrice will take you to previous track.

Scroll to the Top with One Click

This tip is very handy for those who use mails or social media a lot. While checking the previous feeds or mail we go scrolling and after that coming back to top is time consuming. To get help in this matter read the below trick.

When you’re way down on the page, tap the top bar of any app, you will scroll back to the top immediately.

Hope you have enjoyed the post and will help you in your day to day usage of iPhone. Do share your experience in comment section below.

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