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Five Tips for all the Smartphone users

Five Tips for all the Smartphone users
Five Tips for all the Smartphone users
There are some tips which are universal for all the Smartphones, be it an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. Follow this advice, and you’ll save a lot of time, money and heartache in exchange for just a little extra effort.

These are some of the tips which you should remember in order to get most out of your device. So let’s start the list:

Backup your Image on cloud

Today every technology is focused to cloud, reason behind so much uses of the cloud is ease of access, less requirement of storage on device, convenience of accessing on all device and many more. So using the power of cloud to store the images so you don’t lose any of them even if your device gets crashed or you lost one. You’ve got plenty of options for doing this, many of which allows you to just set it and forget it.

There are many options available for free which you can use to store your images. Dropbox’s Carousel app and Microsoft’s OneDrive app can automatically back up photos to cloud storage, though you’re limited to 5 GB of free storage for the former and 7 GB for the latter. You can also use the Google+ app for iOS or Android, which backs up unlimited photos if you go into settings and limit resolution to 2048 pixels. Or use Flickr, which gives you 1 TB of storage for high-resolution photos and videos.

Check Out Alternative Browsers and Email Apps

Default apps for browsers and Email are good to use but if you explore the App Store of your OS you may find better option to fulfill your need in better way. Like Mailbox is a great email alternative for iOS and Android, letting you dismiss emails with a swipe, attach files directly from Dropbox and set reminders for messages that you want to answer later. Gmail users should also check out Google’s own Gmail app for iOS, as it’s better than the iPhone’s default Mail app for searching and for viewing long conversation threads.


On the browser fronts, third party app like Firefox & Chrome are good options to use for the better browsing experience.

Use Your Phone as a Wireless Hotspot

Your wireless carrier might prefer if you signed up for a tablet data plan, but you don’t have to. In most cases, it’s cheaper to use your phone as a wireless hotspot, which can provide Wi-Fi to any tablet or laptop.

This will help you to save on the data plan as well as have the better view of your usage.

Get to Know Your Shortcuts

There’s almost always a faster way to do things, it’s just a matter of memorizing the necessary swipes, pinches or long-presses for your particular phone. On the iPhone, for example, you can swipe up from the bottom edge to bring up quick settings, or double tap the home button to bring up a recent apps list. You can then close an app (say, if it’s misbehaving) by swiping upward on it.

Keep your Phone Updated

This is one of the most required tip which should be followed by all the smartphone users, keeping the phone software up-to-date helps you get the maximum out of your device. This tips is applicable for all the platform be it an iOS, Android or Windows.

Updates are rolled out by your Smartphone manufacturer to remove the bugs, for the extra features or some enhancements in user experience. If your device is not up-to-date means you are losing some of the great features of your device. It is recommended that you update your device time to time.

These are some of the cool tips which you should follow to get maximum out of your smartphone. 

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