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Five tips that will help to save internet bill on iPhone

Five tips that will help to save internet bill on iPhone
With all increasing monthly bills of your day to day activities Mobile bill is playing a significant role, as it is increasing almost every month and maximum amount of that bill is because of the data usage. Many of the Smartphone users have a common complain about the data plan they use in their device, “why it gets consumed so fast? Or where is my data being used?”

With increased number of apps in Smartphone, streaming services (Facebook Live, Youtube, etc) and increased use of cloud storage options are some of the reasons for increasing usage of data on the Mobile.

Main problem in the case of data usage is, we don’t know where the data is being used. Today in this article we are going to talk about the five tips which will help you to reduce your data usage and bill on your iPhone.

Monitor your Data Plan

The best way of saving the data on mobile, is by monitoring it on the regular basis (recommended is daily). For this activity the best app is the service provider app which gives you good and fair analysis about your data usage. Other way of doing it is to use the built-in iOS data monitor found under Settings > Mobile. Only drawback that you will find is you will have to reset this every month manually.

Switch off video Auto Play in Facebook App

Facebook App is one of the best time killer app for many people around the world, but it dosen’t only kill the time simultaneously it also kills your data plan and battery of your device. This is supported with the fact that app is designed to auto play the video, without your intension of watching it or not. To change this setting, open the Facebook app and head to the More tab. Scroll down and tap Settings > Account Settings > Videos & Photos and change Auto-play to On Wi-Fi Connections Only. You can also change the settings for not auto playing the video. This activity will help you to reduce the data consumption on your phone.

Limit online streaming apps

One of the largest data consuming app is online streaming apps be an Apple Music, Spotify, Podcasts, & more. You should download or sync the data with your device and use the app offline. This way you will be able to reduce the data usage a lot.

Limit the streaming quality

If you use online video streaming apps, it is recommended that you should play the video on the lower resolution, while you play the video on mobile data. This way you will save the data without sacrificing your contents.

Restrict individual apps for using data 

App developers earn from advertisement and due to which maximum free apps which you use from the games or the utility apps, they consume data for displaying advertisement. To avoid this you can switch off the data access for the particular apps and restrict them for using your data.

This will help you save the data and will also give you freedom for using the app without any disruption of advertisement.

Hope these tips will help you to reduce your internet bill (mobile data), do share your views and suggestions in comment section below. 

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