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iPhone 7 will have dual SIM capabilities & 256 GB of Storage

iPhone 7
iPhone 7 will have dual SIM capabilities & 256 GB of Storage (pic for representation) 
The recent leak about the upcoming iPhone 7 is that the device is going to have 3.5mm jack for the Audio Output. This leak has ruled out all the reports where it was suggested that iPhone 7 will not feature the 3.5 mm Audio output jack.

The above image represents the recent leaked photo from the Chinese repair shop Rock Fix, which is based in Ganzhou. By the looks of picture, the smartphone will still come with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

As per the report on the Engadget, user can still use standard earphones and headphones with iPhone 7, ruling out all the reports where it was stated that user have to rely on the Lightning or Bluetooth for audio output.

One of the leaked Photos shows an assembly of the 4.7 inch model still sporting the headphone jack. Other than headphone jack, a major leak was featured on the other image where a dual-SIM tray appears.  

If the leaks is to be believed, then iPhone 7 would be a first in the class phone to feature a dual-SIM feature, will have to wait and watch what apple launches when they release the device in September.  

Another feature reveled on the leak image is about the storage capacity of the device. The leaked photos suggests device including memory chips of up to 256 GB and dual- lens camera system on the back, which was ruled out in the recent leaks reasoning technical fault faced to implement the technology.

Every day we have the new leaks about the device with new information, the authentication of the leaks are still not confirmed, we believe that Apple will launch the device with all the new and latest technology.

The rumors have a different story to tell again and if these are the changes, this news might bring the cheer again to those who are waiting for the dual camera on the device.

As per many business analytics, it is assumed that the major change for the device will be on hold till iPhone 8 in 2017 and iPhone 7 will be launched with some minor changes. We still have a hope that the device will not disappoint their fans.

Let us know what you think about the Apple’s new device in the comment section below.

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