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Live coverage of WWDC 2016: iOS 10, macOS, Siri, MacBooks and more

Apple WWDC 2016 Live coverage 
Welcome to the App Gyaan Coverage of WWDC Live. As per the reports this is going to be one of the biggest event hosted by Apple in Recent time. (image source Mac Rumors)

  • Apple Pay is expanding to Switzerland, France, and Hong Kong in the next few months.
  • "Pay with Apple Pay" button will be available on websites that securely authenticates your purchase using Touch ID from a paired iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • Apple Pay up next.

  • There are new tools for automatically getting rid of old files and caches to free up space on your Mac.
  • iCloud Drive improvements: all files on your Mac will be available across multiple devices.
  • Universal Clipboard allows you to, for example, automatically copy text, photos, and more from an iPhone and paste on a Mac.
  • macOS Sierra also has a new feature called Universal Clipboard that enhances traditional copy and paste functionality.
  • Apple now has a consistent naming structure across its software platforms: iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.
  • macOS Sierra.
  • Craig Federighi on stage to discuss OS X. Apple changes OS X name to macOS. Lowercase M.
  • tvOS is available in developer preview today. Customers can download the update in the fall for free.
  • Devs are getting ReplayKit, PhotoKit, and HomeKit APIs, along with a lot more features for building new apps.
  • The user interface is dark grey systemwide.
  • tvOS is getting a dark mode.
  • New tvOS feature: "Single sign-on." Sign in once on your Apple TV and get access to all of your network apps.
  • New tvOS feature: "Live tune in." Eddy Cue demos the feature by saying "watch ESPN2." The live channel automatically starts playing.
  • Siri on tvOS can now search YouTube and movies by specific topics such as "80s comedies."
  • The app allows you to enter text on tvOS with the on-screen keyboard.
  • Apple has created a brand-new Remote app for tvOS that mimics the Siri Remote.
  • Sling TV coming to tvOS today. Fox Sports Go coming this summer.
  • tvOS now has over 1,300 video channels and more than 6,000 native apps
  • Next is tvOS at the event
  • Developers will be able to download watchOS 3 in beta starting today.
  • watchOS 3 is available as a free upgrade this fall.
  • watchOS has many new APIs for developers. Apple Pay in apps. Fitness apps can run in the background. Real-time heart rate support. SpriteKit and SceneKit support. Crown & Touch events. Speaker audio. Inline video.
  • watch OS 3 comes with 'Activity Sharing' feature
  • watchOS 3 has a new "time to roll" setting for wheelchair users, instead of "time to stand." Two new workouts for wheelchair users, and new activity rings related to those.
  • Scribble Feature on watch OS 3 
  • Scribble feature in watch OS 3
  • SOS feature on watch OS 3 works internationally
  • With 'Scribble', you can write messages in multiple languages directly on the Apple watch
  • Apple Watch OS 3
  • watch OS makes changing 'watch face' easy by only swiping, along with other features like setting goals, locate friends among others
  • Key Feature of Watch OS 3Key Feature of Watch OS 3
  • Apple now has 2 million apps on the App Store, which have been downloaded 130 billion times: Tim Cook
  • watchOS 3 is “7 times faster” for some apps, which was needed
  • Updates on WWDC. 27th year. People from over 74 countries. 5,000 total attendees.
  • Apple’s starting with watchOS today and Kevin Lynch has taken the stage

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