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Nine years of iPhone: five points that shows iPhone is still better than Android

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Nine years of iPhone: five points that shows iPhone is still better than Android
Nine years ago on 29th June, Apple released the best technology and device of that time, original iPhone and which changed the way the world uses and enjoys technology forever. While iPhone was launched 9 years ago with the vision of none other than the founder of Apple Late Mr. Steve Jobs. The device still attracts crowd and long lines at certain Apple retail locations, nothing can compare with the spectacle and excitement that surrounded the launch of the original. When the device was launched, many market analyzers said that the device is of no use and will not grab the market. It was Steve who was sure about the fact that this is the way people will use the device in near future and now when we are just 9 years away from the date, changes in the mobile industry don’t need any justification.

So let’s come back to the point of iPhone release, the device was launched with the Price tag of $499 for 4 gigabytes of storage or $599 for 8 gigabytes, the first-generation iPhone launched in the U.S. on June 29, 2007. In a unique move by Apple, the handset wasn't made available until 6 p.m. that day, forcing consumers to wait until the evening for the heavily hyped device. This way of creating the hype is also being used by some of the Android device manufacturer of china.

In these Nine years Apple has seen a tough competition from the Android from the different factors, like design, feature and many more. Keeping the fact in mind, the first iPhone wasn't exactly a blockbuster success, it was Apple's willingness to adapt to consumer demands — and quickly — that paved the way for the company's eventual, astronomical success.

From the Apple's first iPhone to iPhone 7 (to be launched) it has been great journey and we still believe that iPhone is much better than Android. So today we are going to talk about the five facts that still prove that iPhone is better than Android.

Software Update

One of the biggest plus point of iPhone is the Software update, where Android is still far behind the mark. Apple's software can sometimes be buggy. But when there's new software available, everyone can get it with a simple download. Compare this with Android. Its new software, Marshmallow was officially launched last October. Guess how many Android phones now have it? 2.3 percent. This drives many Android users demented. Sometimes, it just drives them to buy an iPhone.

The Genius Factor

Many people thought Steve Jobs as quite lunatic for opening stores in shopping malls. But Apple thinks hard about people and their needs. One of those needs is to have someone on hand -- other than a pot-addled nephew, that is -- who can fix the phone if it goes wrong. Geniuses (who may be someone's pot-addled nephews) may not always be genius, but if you make an appointment, there's an excellent chance that they can set you right. Before you toss the phone at the wall, that is.

iPhone Is More Secure

The recent battle between Apple and the FBI shows that Apple believes privacy and security are fundamental to the Apple brand. Apple is increasing the depth of its encryption. Android is behind on this. We've all become so lax about our security, that we desperately click "I agree" on things we really shouldn't agree to, that we just hope for the best if we think about it at all. Perhaps we still don't care enough. But with ever more personal information on our phones than ever, Apple is showing that security matters.

No Extra App Pre-installed

There are no extra carrier apps installed on the iPhone when you buy it. On many Android phones, there are a dozen carrier branded apps, and there might be another dozen apps that you will never use but that someone paid the carrier to install.

Many times you cannot uninstall these extra apps, only disable them. This means they still exist on your phone and take up space. This is a small issue on day one, but after a year when you need more memory, and you cannot delete Candy Crush and VZ Navigator, it’s a problem.

Better Apps on iPhone

Even though the iPhone has a smaller market share, developers still tend to make the best apps for iOS first. Yes, you can find most of the same popular apps on Android, but they don't always have the best features and designs like iPhone apps do. If you care about having the best apps on your phone, you're better off with iPhone.

These are some of the points, which shows that iPhone is still better than Android.

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