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Tips to get Most out of your iPhone

Tips to get Most out of your iPhone
All the iPhone users make sure that they get most out of their device. Today in this article we are going to give some useful tips, which will help you to extract maximum out of your iPhone.

Mute individual messages or conversations:

We do understand sometime messages are very important to be responded on time. But all of you must be aware that some of the conversations are frequent and will have no urgency, and continuous notification from those conversations may disturb you.

With the iPhone now you can mute the individual conversation, meaning the notification will not come to you till the time you check them. To enable this feature, simply open messages and click details. From there, swipe "Do Not Disturb."

Send audio messages that expire:

If you are a Snapchat user, then you must be aware about the feature that the personal conversations on the Snapchat get deleted after certain time.

This feature is also available on the iPhone for the Audio massages. There are two options available with this feature, first is 2 Min (means message will be deleted from the conversation once you play it, applicable for both incoming and outgoing messages), and second is never, means your messages will remain in phone till the time you delete it manually.

To activate this feature you have to go to Settings then to Message and then finally to Audio Message and there you will find the options, from which you can choose your preference.

Save Battery with Grayscale mode:

One of the biggest pain-point for all the iPhone users is the battery; the battery life is not that fantastic on maximum iPhones. In the case you stuck somewhere and you are struggling with battery percentage then switch your display from colour to grayscale, this will help your phone to last for longer duration. 

To activate it Visit Settings > General > Accessibility and hit Grayscale.    

Hope these tips will help you to get the most out of your iPhone, do share your views and opinion in comment section below. 

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