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10 iOS 10 Features which Apple didn’t talk on the launch

iOS 10
10 iOS 10 Features which Apple didn’t talk on the launch
If you are also one of Millions, who are eagerly waiting for the public launch of the iOS 10, then by this article, we are going to increase that eagerness more. In this article we are going to talk about 10 such features of iOS 10, which are not talked during the launch by Apple.   

iOS 10 became available to non-developers in the form of a Public Beta on 7 July, which means even non-developers can download the preview version of the software now ahead of its final release later in this year.

If you are using iOS 10 beta then you must be aware about some of them and some of them will be new for you as well. So let’s start the list.

Color Settings

With the new iOS 10, users will be able to tweak the screen’s color settings as per their convenience. While this might not be for everyone, the feature would be helpful for color blind users.

Close All Tabs at once

With iOS 10, it’ll be possible to close all the running tabs in the Safari browser in one go. Users who often do a lot of browsing on their iPhones and iPads will probably find this a welcome addition.

Better 3D Touch

The pressure-sensitive 3D Touch is certainly one of the better features Apple has added to its iOS based hardware/software ecosystem. With iOS 10, users can expect 3D Touch to get more functionality.

Improved Downloading options

iOS 10 will let users manage app downloads in a more effective way. Once an app has been put on download, users can go to the app on the home screen. It’ll even be possible to use 3D Touch it to initiate actions like pause and cancel.

Say Goodbye to Stock Apps

This is going to one of the best feature of iOS 10 as per our reading and will make all Apple users beam with joy, especially ones with 16GB base storage devices. The annoying pre-installed apps like Stocks, Tips etc. can be deleted in iOS 10.

Print Web Pages as PDF

There are quite some times when it’s needed to save one or more webpages for later reading or reference. Generally, PDF is the best format to save them in, as it retains formatting of the web pages. With iOS 10, users will be able save webpages as PDF documents. The saved page(s) can be copied to the iBooks app as well.

Search bar with History

Search bar was introduce on the iOS 9 and was very useful to people like me, now with iOS 10 it has become more Smarter, in iOS 10 the search bar will display previously searched items as history. This could speed up finding earlier accessed items.

Notifications stay for longer

iOS has three options for showing notifications - no appearance of notifications on the screen, display as banners on top, and display as banners in the center of the screen. With iOS 10, users will be able to configure how long notifications appear on the screen. For example, a notification banner can stay there until it’s manually dismissed.

Don’t stop the music         

Generally, viewing a GIF or taking a picture causes the music playing in the background to stop. This will change in iOS 10, as the OS will continue to play the music even if a GIF is viewed or a picture is taken.

Edit Dialer Number

iOS hasn’t included the basic functionality of being able to edit a number while dialing, and users had to delete the entire number to correct it. This finally changes in iOS 10, as numbers being dialed will be able to be edited.

These are some of the cool features which Apple has not talk while the launch event, do share your views and opinion in comment section below.

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