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10 of the best iPhone tips and tricks released by Apple Support team

iOS 10, iPhone 7
10 of the best iPhone tips and tricks released by Apple Support team
As we have been mentioning from long time, iPhone is one of the loved product from Apple and many of us have the device and those who don’t own has the desire to have one and people who rely on iPhones for work every day probably realize they're only scratching the surface of what they can do.

Apple builds countless shortcuts and other hidden tricks into all of its products, especially the iPhone. Although most of the pro-tips are documented in Apple's user manuals, many people don't know about them.

If you want to use your iPhone with maximum efficiency, you've got to learn the tricks. So today we are going to talk about the ten tips released by Apple to get maximum out of your device in this article we will talk only which has been released by Apple's official support Twitter account, @applesupport, tweets some of Apple's best tips when it's not helping users fix problems.

This is quietly one of the most useful screens on your iPhone.

If you have an iPhone 6S, this is an easy way to peek at a map from Messages.

You don't need a scanner to sign documents.

Need more camera control?
FaceTime isn't just for selfies.

So that's what the microphone button is for.

This tip only works with an iPhone 6S, but it could change the way you use your camera.

There's a super simple shortcut to check out drafts on the Apple Mail app.

This is what to do if Siri keeps butchering your name
Add bold and italics to your emails

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