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10 Secrets to boost the battery life of iPhone & iPad

10 Secrets to boost the battery life of iPhone & iPad
10 Secrets to boost the battery life of iPhone & iPad
Smartphone is one of the best things technology has given us in the recent time. Maximum of our dependency has been transferred from Laptop to our PAM size device and that is known as Smartphone, but as we all know everything has a limitation and when we talk about the Smartphone the limitation is none other than the battery, every dropping percentage of battery force us to reduce our usage of the device.

iPhone is one of the best device in Smartphone Industry, but as far as Battery is concerned, every user of the device has similar concern. Many of iPhone users have the problem with battery. Today we are going to talk about the 10 Secret tips to boost the battery on your iPhone and iPad, hope you will enjoy the post.

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Turn your screen brightness down

It is great to see the display color on maximum brightness on your iPhone or iPad Screen, but most of the time it's not necessary, especially indoors.

Slide up from the bottom of your home screen and toggle the screen brightness to as low as you can go. As this step will help you to save the battery on the device, for example if you are in office for whole day this will be a great tip for you to save battery on your iPhone and iPad.

Limit the notification you see on your lock Screen

Lock screen notifications help you see all of your new alerts quickly, but they can also take a toll on your battery life. If you're getting notifications on your lock screen that you don't need to necessarily see right away, head over to Settings > Notifications. From there, you can tap each app and decide whether or not you want notifications from that app on your lock screen.

Delete the apps which consumes lot of battery

There are many Apps which consume lot of battery, Facebook is one of the major one out of those. If you dig around in the settings menu, you can see which apps drain the most power. Just tap Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. Then, you'll see a list of all the apps you've used in the last day and how much of your phone's battery they've been using.  

Reduce Phone Lock time

Your display is costly to power, so you want it to shut down quickly when you aren't using it.
Go to Settings > General > Auto-lock and see if you can live with a shorter time before the screen auto-locks.

Switch off Background App refresh

People imagine that swiping apps closed in the multitasking menu is saving power, but you really need to be taking a look in Settings > General > Background App refresh to really make a difference.

Allowing apps to refresh themselves like this is a big drain on your battery. Go down the list and turn off everything you don't need - Facebook in particular can drain your battery really quickly. These apps still refresh when you actually load them up, which is a lot more efficient for your battery.

Put the Location off

This is one of the major sources of battery drainage from the device, keeping location service on pushes your device to communicate with GPS system and in the result pushing for lots of battery consumption.

To switch of Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn them all off, or just select apps you don't want tracking you.

You should also look in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services, and think about turning off 'Frequent Locations', 'Location-Based iAds', and maybe 'Diagnostics & Usage'.

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Turn off vibrations

In Settings > Sounds you can toggle 'Vibrate On Ring' to 'Off'. You can also go to Settings > Sounds > New Mail > Vibration and set it to 'None'. This disables the motor, and that movement really hurts your power.

Finally, go to Settings > Notification Center > Mail and tap on the accounts you use, then choose Alerts and set 'Vibration' to none to really cut down the problem.

Turn off fitness Tracking

Newer iPhones (iPhone 5s and above) quietly monitor your movement in the background, and integrate that data with Apple's health app. While this can be useful, it's also not necessary and can easily be cut out if you're looking to save some battery life. Head over to Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness and tap the Fitness Tracking switch.

Keep a watch of Signal Strength

The biggest culprit for rapid battery drain is often a weak signal, but there isn't a great deal you can do about that. If you're in an area with a poor signal then you might consider switching Airplane mode on, which stops the constant searching that sucks the life from your phone.

You should also always use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data whenever possible too, as that offers a more stable connection and will stop all that battery-abusing searching for a signal.

Turn Low Power Mode on

If all else fails, Apple has a Low Power Mode that will reduce power consumption as much as possible. This mode will turn off background app refresh, Hey Siri, Mail fetch, automatic downloads and reduce visual effects.

To turn Low Power Mode on, head to Settings > Battery and toggle it on.

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