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10 Tips to make you a pro-user of Mails on iPhone and iPad

iPhone Mail App
10 Tips to make you a pro-user of Mails on iPhone and iPad

With Technology growth, our dependency on the email has grown up like anything, and with the help of Smartphone accessing the mail from everywhere has been made possible, as it gives you lots of flexibility and Speed. Today we are going to talk about the tips and tricks with Mail App on iPhone and iPad.

Apple’s mobile email client has been designed with simplicity in mind, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some useful tips and tricks to be found if you look closely enough.

Swipe down on drafts

When you’re composing a new email you might well want to refer back to a date, address, or hilarious turn of phrase from a previous message. To get back to your inbox, swipe down on the draft from its title bar—your new email drops to the bottom and can be recalled again with a tap.

Peek and Pop

Peek and Pop is a nifty resource for working within particular applications. I’d argue that Peek and Pop is most useful when used with the iOS 9 Mail app.

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With Peek and Pop you can preview the inside of a message without having actually read it. This is a huge bonus versus reading a message and then marking it as unread. The gesture-based functions add a layer of complexity to the app, adding value and speed to common swipe gestures.

You can also mark as read, archive, and trash emails while in the Peek view. While still holding your finger on the screen, swipe right to either Archive or Trash an email or swipe left to mark that email as Read/Unread. 

While still holding your finger on the screen, swipe on the message to bring up the menu. The menu options allows you to Reply, Forward, Mark, Notify, and Move the email that you are Peeking at.

Scribble over email attachments

One feature that is exclusive to iOS 9 is the ability to add annotations to email attachments. Tap and hold on an attachment (such as an image or a PDF) and you should see a Markup option somewhere in the list that pops up. A variety of pen sizes and colors are available, plus a text tool.

Set up thread alerts

When you want special alerts for a particular email thread (as opposed to a particular contact, which is handled by the VIP list), tap on the alarm bell symbol in the subject field when composing a message and then choose Notify Me. Head to the notifications part of Settings to customize the alert.

Quickly get to drafts

You can get to your drafts easily enough through the accounts list on Mail’s opening screen, but there is a quicker way that you might not have seen yet: Just tap and hold on the Compose icon (a pen inside a box) to bring up all of your current drafts together with the option to start a new message.

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See more of your emails

This is an older trick but it’s still handy. From Settings head to Mail, Contacts, Calendar and then tap Preview—here you can set how many lines of each email you’re able to read without opening it up, which can make all the difference when you’re trying to locate a particular message quickly.

Add attachments from anywhere

iOS 9 finally ushers in the option to add any kind of attachment to your email messages, rather than just images. Double-tap inside an email you’re composing and select Add Attachment; to choose a file from somewhere other than iCloud, tap on the Locations option in the top left-hand corner.


For those who may not know, VIP stands for Very Important Person. And sometimes VIPs need that extra added attention. Maybe it’s your boss or your doctor, but whoever your VIP may be, Mail will create a separate folder and add separate notifications for any VIP sender. To make a sender a VIP Mail, find a message from a sender you want to add to your VIP list. In the email, tap on the contact name in the header section, followed by tapping Add to VIP.

You can also add a VIP from the Contacts app in your phone. Open the Mail app and find VIP in the main section. This is open Contacts, where you will select which name you want to be listed as a VIP. Of course, this contact will need to have an email address included in their information.

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Utilize Gestures

When you are inside your inbox you can use gestures to manipulate your inbox. Slide to the right to Mark as Read or unread and slide to the left to bring up more options. You can also tap on the More button to bring up additional options.

Change Gesture Options

You also don’t have to stay with the default settings for gestures if you don’t want. Head over to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and find Swipe Options. Tap the option you wish to change and select an alternative in the following menu.

These are some of the cool tips and tricks which you can use to become the pro user of Mail app on your iPhone and iPad, we do understand that you must be familiar with some of these tips, but most of them must be new for you and also helpful.

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