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Five Clever tips to make maximum out of your iPhone and iPad

Five Clever tips to make maximum out of your iPhone and iPad

All most all the iPhone and iPad users knows the maximum option of the device to use it at the fullest, but there are some clever tips which you can use your iPhone and iPad to maximum.

There are many tips like simple way to snap a photo: From the lock screen, swipe up on the camera icon in the lower right-hand corner, and the camera is ready to take the shot. Which are unknown to many of the users.

So today in this article we will talk about five such tips which will help you to get maximum out of your device. So let’s start.

Get better alerts

Do you miss calls or texts? There are ways to get your attention, especially if you have trouble hearing.

Try using your iPhone’s LED light to alert you. To set up LED flashing lights, go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility, and turn on LED Flash for Alerts.

There’s another way to get alerts: You can set custom vibrations for incoming calls and messages. It’s actually quite clever.

Go to Settings >> Sounds >> Ringtone >> Vibration. Or from your contacts list, press Edit and select the Vibration option for each of your contacts. This way, even if your phone is muted for calls, you can know who is calling by the contact’s vibration pattern.

Add button shapes

Another handy feature is Button Shapes. To enable them, go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility, and turn on Button Shapes. This setting will add outlines and shapes to an app’s buttons so you have a better idea of exactly where to press.

Enable captioning

Closed captioning is extremely useful if you’re hard of hearing, or if you want to enjoy a show or movie while everyone else is trying to sleep.

Captioning, or Subtitles, is available on most Apple devices using iOS 9.3.2. It’s easy to set up. Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility, and turn on Subtitles & Captioning. You can also customize the caption’s font, size, type and color.

Does your gadget read to you?
Voiceover reads the words on your Apple device out loud. It will read each letter as you’re typing a text or email. It will tell you which app button you’re touching, who’s calling you, how much battery life is left, and more.

Voiceover will also read directions to you in maps, have your camera tell you how many people are in your shot and get spoken photo descriptions. You can write notes and letters on the screen and have Voiceover translate your messages into text for email and other apps.

To turn it on, go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility, and turn on Voiceover. You have the option to practice with Voiceover, including setting a speaking rate. Once enabled, to use Voiceover from your iOS device, press the Home button three times.

Zoom in for bigger text

There’s another trick for making text bigger. Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility, and turn on Zoom.

Use three fingers to double tap on the screen to zoom in and out of applications like Mail, Safari and your Home and Lock screens. Try it with other apps, too. Do this in Instagram, for example, to zoom in on a photo.

By the way, to zoom in while watching videos, just pinch in and out with two fingers, like you do with photos.

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