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Five Reasons why you should buy Nexus if you are buying Android Phones

Google Nexus
Five Reasons why you should buy Nexus if you are buying Android Phones
Android phones hold the maximum market shares in the world and latter followed by Apple iPhone. Android market is dominated by Company like Samsung, LG, HTC and others, but not by Google who also manufactures phones unlike Apple; the biggest problem which I see in these brands is the software updates issues. For example, i am using Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 and that device is still running on Lollipop (Android 5.1.1), when we are waiting for “Android Nougat (Android 7.0)” to be released in couple of months, running Android Lollipop is quite outdated. This is the main issues I feel other Android Phone has other than Google Nexus users faces.

Today in this article we will talk about the five points on why we should buy Nexus Phones other than any other brands of Android Phones.

Nexus Phones are reference device 

According to Google , Nexus device are the reference devices for all the manufacturers.  They say "We make these devices to set an example of what an Android phone is capable of." Google demonstrates "the total user experience" by working with manufacturers to create a phone (hardware), puts the absolute latest version of a totally stock Android operating system on it (software), and only sells the device through its online store (retail).

Yes you read it correct, Nexus Device is the reference device for other OEM’s, so when you are getting the ideal phone from the company which is making the OS of the device, there is no reasons anyone (including Me) should look for other option.

Updated Software (OS)

One of the biggest advantage Nexus devices gives to its users is the latest and updated version of the Android. Nexus Devices are first of Android devices which receives the OS updates, as it is being supported by Google (Devices manufacturer varies as they have tie-up with Google).

So all the Android users, who wants to have the taste of the new operating System from the Google then Nexus devices are the best option for it.

Google tests and updates the Nexus devices when a new version of Android comes out, so you’ll always have the fastest, most up-to-date software on your device. If you have a Nexus 4, you can rest assure knowing you’ll get access to new versions of Android before anyone else. You won’t have to wait 6 months for your device’s manufacturer and carrier to update your non-Nexus device, nor will you have to hack your device to install a community-supported ROM that may not work properly with all your hardware.

Stock Android Experience

Nexus devices gives you the original feeling of Android, they have no customization's and runs the way Google has developed it.

Generally smartphone buying decision usually gets influenced by the device’s hardware and gimmicky features that looks cool in the store when you first play with them. The Nexus devices are free from manufacturer or carrier modifications, so you get the stock Android OS experience. In the past these modifications were justifiable because Android was still in its early stages, but Android has improved its design elements and functionality, after the introduction of Android 4, which are better than any other mobile operating system.

Always Secured

On the security front Nexus devices are the leaders when compared to other devices in the market.

Android is one of the most vulnerable platforms out there. There are new exploits every single week. It’s just a side effect of Android’s open nature. But if you want the best security possible, you should buy a Nexus. Because Nexus phones are the first to be updated with fixes, you’ll be the safest of them all.

Performance of Nexus

One of the basic criteria of buying the Smartphone is the performance of the device, Nexus leaves its competitor a way behind when compared on the performance. That’s thanks to the bloat free nature of stock Android and timely updates, Because of which the device run on the optimum capacity even after 2 years of continuous usage.

To add in the above list what we would like to say today is, as Google earn from the activity users do on the internet they try and make the best experience available for the users on the device which helps the users, while other companies are focused on the device manufacturing and making money so they sell the device to consumers and move on to make another.

All these points say, if you are Android lover and looking to buy an Android Phone we would recommend None other than Nexus.

Hope you have liked the post, do share your views and feedback in comment section below.

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