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Five Tips change the way use your iPhone

Five Tips change the way use your iPhone
Five Tips change the way use your iPhone (Pic by Martin Hajek)
Apple iPhone is one of the best devices to have and if you own one, you must be aware why we are saying this. iPhone has thousands of features, out of which most are unknown to many. Sometimes hidden features will help you to make the most out of your device.

Today we are going to share five tips which will redefine the way you use your iPhone. We do understand some of these tips will be known to you but all these tips will help you a lot for changing the way you use your iPhone.

Make Siri smarter

Now, there is so much that your Siri can do for you but many of us barely ever use the feature, especially because it talks funny and doesn’t get your accent right. However, did you know you could simply correct Siri’s pronunciations?

All you need to do is, when she mispronounces a word or name; just say ‘that’s not how you pronounce it’. Siri will then ask you to pronounce it a couple of times; it will register a few options and let you select the best pronunciation. After that, Siri wouldn’t mispronounce ever again.

Custom vibration

This is a really cool feature if you keep your phone mostly only vibrate but are unable to tell when someone important is calling. To do this, go to the contact of the person you want to create a custom vibration for, hit edit, and down below you’ll see a Vibration option. When you select that, it will drop down a selection of many vibrations, but scroll to the bottom and choose Create New Vibration. And then just create your buzz by tapping on the screen the beat of your choice.

Shake to undo

This is not a new feature, but if you don’t know about it, you are really missing out on something. The Shake to undo feature in the iPhone is extremely convenient, it lets you undo a text by simply shaking the phone. Generally, the feature is enabled on iPhones by default, however, in case it isn’t,  you can simply go to the smartphone Settings, tap on Accessibility, close to the top you’ll notice the Shake to Undo option, enable that.

Shortcut to emoticons

Have you seen those shrug emoticons, I always used to wonder how people manage to make that. However, your iPhone has a shortcut to let you automatically type it when you want. This is really interesting, to enable the shrug emoticon or the likes, simply go to Settings and navigate to the Keyboard option in General and look for Text Replacement option. Copy and paste the shruggie emoticon from the web to the Phrase field and in the Shortcut give it a name, say Shruggie. After you’ve created the replacement, every time you write Shruggie, it automatically turns into the emoticon.

Organize notification panel

If the number of notifications on your drag down notification panel irks you, it’s probably because you haven’t customized it as per your needs. According to your convenience, you can easily choose the notifications you want to reflect on the panel.

There are two ways to do that; either you can sort the alerts by date and time. To do that, go to Notification Center in Settings, select Sort Order under notification view, choose Recent. This will simply show the latest notifications on the top.

These are some of the tips which will help you to change the way you use your iPhone.

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