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Five tips to use OnePlus 3 at the fullest

OnePlus 3
Five tips to use OnePlus 3 at the fullest
OnePlus has launched its new flagship killer OnePlus 3 in the market recently and many of us has upgraded with the device. One of the specification front is that the device is well defined and it has been featured with one of the best hardware configuration.

If you are one of them who owns OnePlus 3, then today in this article we are going to talk about the five tips which will help you get maximum out of your device.

Switch back and recent menu buttons from touch capacitive to on Screen or vice-versa.

One of the coolest features I believe OnePlus 3 has got is Switching back and recent menu buttons bottom from onscreen to the touch panel on the left & right of the fingerprint scanner. The buttons are defined on OnePlus 3’s are only by little dots on either side of the fingerprint sensor. That’s fine if you’re used to the layout and Android phones in general (especially if you are switching from the Samsung), but these can be potentially confusing and annoying to those who aren’t. Luckily, there’s a way to make life easier.

Step 1: Tap Settings, then scroll down the list to find Buttons.
Step 2: Tap Buttons, and you have the option to swap the order around — so back is on the right, or vice versa — or alternatively use on-screen navigation buttons.

Once you’re used to the OnePlus 3, head back to the menu to turn off the on-screen buttons (if you prefer).

Gesture Controls

Gesture Controls is one of the handy things in the new Smartphones, it helps in controlling your smartphones easily, but everyone is not into gesture controls, and OnePlus leaves them disabled by default. If you want to try them out, however, then this is how you activate them (which we will recommend).

Step 1: Tap Settings, then scroll down the list until you find Gestures.
Step 2: Toggle the switch to ON.

There are four gestures in total: double tap to wake the screen, draw an “O” to launch the camera, draw a ‘V’ to activate the flashlight, and a set of music control gestures. Tick the corresponding boxes to turn each on. One of the handy gesture controls is clicking selfies by creating V with your figure. You have to just show “V” while clicking the Snap from front Camera.

Use home screen gestures to quickly access notifications and search

The OnePlus Launcher is the default home screen app that comes on the OnePlus 3. Unlike most stock launchers, it’s packed to the brim with useful features. For instance, built-in gestures allow you to quickly access the notification panel by swiping down anywhere on the home screen, or up to access a quick Google Search.

Both gestures can be turned off if you feel like they’re getting in the way, just long press a blank area of the home screen and select Customize to pull up the toggles for Gesture.

View notifications just by waving your hand over the OnePlus 3

Ambient display is one of the better features Google introduced in Android back in Lollipop. Although it’s been tweaked a little bit on the OnePlus 3, the feature makes it so the display turns on briefly whenever you receive a notification, allowing you to quickly see if it’s something that needs addressing. Because the screen wakes in black and white mode, it conserves battery better than waking your phone and swiping down the notification tray and is perfect when your phone is propped up at your desk for hands-free viewing of your notifications.

But there’s also a touchless wake feature that allows you to quickly peek at notifications in the Ambient display mode just by waving your hand over the front of the OnePlus 3. Here’s where you’ll find both of the settings in order to activate them:

Step 1: Open the Settings app
Step 2: Go into the Display settings
Step 3: Turn on Ambient display
Step 4: Turn on Proximity wake

Re-arrange (or hide) your Quick Settings toggles

The Quick Settings toggles are one of the more convenient features that were introduced back in Android 5.0 Lollipop. The ability to quickly turn on or off basic functions like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, or even adjust the brightness with a few quick swipes is something we can’t live without.

But the Quick Settings panel can get a little crowded. If you’d like to thin things out a bit, the OnePlus 3 gives you the ability to re-arrange — even remove — some of the buttons to suit your tastes. For instance, we can’t think of a time when “inverting colors” would get any use from us, so we removed it from being displayed in Quick Settings. Here’s how:

Step 1: Pull down the notification shade (may have to do it twice if you have notifications)
Step 2: Tap the edit icon (pencil)

Step 3: Drag tiles to re-arrange, or tap to a button to show/hide them
Step 4: Tap the circle to revert to original positions
Step 5: When finished, tap the disk icon to save changes

Hope you have enjoyed the article and will be helpful for you to get best out of your new device, we do understand that there are many such tips and we might have missed some, if you have something to share comment below and we will update the article with your name.

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