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How to get Pokemon Go on your device right away

Pokemon Go
How to get Pokemon Go on your device right away
If you are also wondering about the Pokemon Go and not able to get it on Play Store and end up downloading a fake version of the App then you are on the correct place. Today we are going to reveal how to get the Pokemon Go on your Android device.

What is Pokemon GO?

Well, it's an Augmented Reality (AR) game for smartphones, which seems to be matching the craze of 'Angry Birds' in its heydays. Built by Niantic Labs, Pokemon Go is already threatening to crash the company's servers.

The company has temporarily suspended the global rollout of the game, courtesy the unexpected overwhelming response. The developers are buying time to add more server capacity for a smooth gameplay for all.

Game is officially launched in few countries including US, Australia and New Zealand.

So if you are one whose country is not in the list, but you are very eager to play the game then follow the below steps and you will get the App on your Android Device.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get the apk file:

So if your device has not installed any app other than play store then first, go to settings. Enter the Security menu. Swipe down to "Unknown sources" option under "Device administration" header and turn it on. By doing this, any 'apk' file can be installed on the smartphone that is not available or registered on Google Play.

Go to this page of APK Mirror from your android smartphone. Tap on Download APK. After seeing a warning message, tap on OK. The file will start downloading.

Once the download is complete, swipe down on the homescreen to access the notification panel. Tap on the file to install it.

After the installation process is over, a shortcut will be automatically added to your phone. Now, just open it and you are all set to get going.

Beware about the fake Application on Google App Store

According to the report in Wired they Say, Due to the game's popularity and the open source nature of Android, the files for the game were available to download onto any phone running the required Android 4.4 operating system. To install the malicious version of the game, users are required to "side-load" the application, which effectively disables security settings that prevent loading apps that haven't been officially verified.

"Unfortunately, this is an extremely risky practice and can easily lead users to installing malicious apps on their own mobile devices," the security company said in its blog post. "Should an individual download an APK from a third party that has been infected with a backdoor, such as the one we discovered, their device would then be compromised."

It also says those who are worried about installing the malicious version of the app should check their app settings and the permissions that have been granted to it.

Hope this will help you to get the new and most talked App Pokemon Go on your device and you will start enjoying it now. Do share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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