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iOS 10 Beta is available for public: here is how you can get it

iOS 10
iOS 10 Beta is available for public
After all the waits, iOS 10 Beta is out for the public and can be downloaded from the Apple developer site, all you have to have is Apple ID, how to get iOS 10 beta will explain it later on in  this article.

So if you are eagerly waiting and can’t wait to see iOS 10 in action, Apple’s public beta program will help you get your desire fulfilled. The company wants you to try out its new operating system before releasing it in the fall. The developer beta lets developers take advantage of all the new APIs, while the public beta is all about ironing out the bugs. As Apple just released the second developer beta a couple of days ago, it’s safe to say that the first public beta is the same one as the second developer beta.

As per Apple iOS 10 is “the biggest iOS release ever", the new software for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch features a revamped lock screen, including the removal of "Swipe to unlock", customisable widgets, and playful additions to iMessage.  

So now the question comes, how you can get the new iOS best version on your device?

How to download the iOS 10 beta

To download the software you'll need to sign up to Apple's Beta Software Program using your Apple ID. Once you've signed up you can register the device you'd like to upgrade to iOS 10 or macOS Sierra and be able to download it.

Apple advises customers to backup any device they're using for the beta, and stresses that as the software is still being tested it may feature glitches and bugs. Backup your device in Settings using iCloud or by connecting it to a computer.

For users that have more than one Apple device the iPhone maker says it’s better to download the beta on a secondary one.

Once you've backed up the device you'd like to update, go to Settings > General > Software Update

Some of the cool features of iOS 10 are as follows:

iMessage has changed

Some of the feature launched in iMessage is not new and they were available on the other platform for a long. But when you see the overall picture and features of the app it has got lots of fun features in it. With all new iMessage users can send heartbeats and haptic signals, text or images scribbled by hand, and of course stickers. Emojis are larger and easier to insert. Apps let you do things like gather group orders and submit them to a restaurant, or even send money through third-party transaction services.

URLs are rich, with inline previews. You can also embed Apple Music links and videos, which your recipient can play right within the Messages app. Text bubbles, can be animated to convey the tone of your message as well as its content. There are instant reactions and full-screen animations to add even more impact to messages.

Apple Maps is more smatter now

I personally feel that Apple Map is one of the App which needs lot of improvement, with iOS 10 the app has got some significant improvements. With new update, app can now show suggestions based on the habits it learns and factors like traffic. It can show points of interest on your route. Maps also now gets third-party integrations so you can book rides and check in on social networks without leaving the app.

Widgets, lock screen and other apps

Along those lines, one of the biggest changes you’ll notice in iOS 10 is that the”Siri Suggestions” feature, which surfaces app recommendations and nearby points of interest, has been merged with the “Today” tab, which shows upcoming appointments and other info via customizable widgets. The combined tab is now accessible by swiping to the right on the home screen, lock screen, or notifications panel.

So these are some of the cool feature of iOS 10, if you are also interested in upgrading before Apple release the final version then follow the step suggested above and share your experience. 

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