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Now Control your Smartphone with eyes

Control your Smartphone with eyes
Now Control your Smartphone with eyes
In a recent development, a new technology has been invented by a team of international researchers. Team has developed new software, by which you can control your Smartphone with your eyes. Giving power to users, to control the games, open apps and other stuff with the movement of eyes. The team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Georgia and Germany’s Max Plank Institute of Informatics has developed this software. So far by this software they were able to identify person looking with accuracy up-to centimeters which changes to 1.7 centimeter on Tablets.

One of the co-author for this software is Khosla, According to him “By the range of data the system’s accuracy can be improved.” To achieve this accuracy they created an app called as Gaze Capture which will collects the data of different people look at the phone in different environments to make the technology more accurate.

The gaze capture will capture data by using the front camera. The capture will be recorded as pulse rating dot. This dot is “L” or “R”, you need to tap on left or right to record the data on the screen as response. This Gaze Capture (software) is used for software called iTracker. This iTracker can also run on iPhone. This will capture the face, head position and eye movement by using the headset’s camera.

Till now about 1,500 people has used this Gaze Capture app. And if more 10,000 people use this iTracker software then they can reduce the rate to half a centimeter. By the feedback of the people they can reduce the rate and it is good enough to know the range of eye tracking for the software. This software details is been recently published in IEEE Conference on Computer Vision Pattern Recognition at Seattle held at Washington. More applications for this can also be in Medical field.

According to us, this technology will change the way we use our Smartphones in coming years.  

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