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Official Tips and Tricks Page for Android Users launched by Google

Android Tips and Tricks
Official Tips and Tricks Page for Android Users launched by Google(image source Google)

If you are android user then we have some good news for you, Google has launched a website (Section of Android.Com) for all its Android lovers, where you can get all the tips and tricks about the Android operating System.

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Google launched a new section in its Android.com website, Tips and Tricks. As the name suggests, the section is filled with all sorts of instructions and tools to make it easier for users to migrate from iOS to Android and to help long-time Android users find new things that they can do with their handsets.

The section displays all kinds of tips in the form of cards, users simply need to click on one and get instructions. There are tips on how to back up and sync photos, use battery saver mode to make the battery last longer, or how to change the wallpaper.
A Featured section is the first one to load up, showing you solutions to common problems like accessing photos, changing the phone’s wallpaper, using voice to navigate the device, or using battery saving mode to extend battery life.

Aside from the featured section, there are seven other categories, each containing a few tips and tricks, including Privacy and Security, Voice, Camera and Photo, Battery, Customization, More Apps, and Settings.

The tips are presented using a card-like interface, with each card listing a particular problem, and the steps required to mitigate it. Clicking on Learn more inside the card brings up a pop-up window that contains the step-by-step information you need.

You can get access to the TIPS & TRICK Section by Clicking here.

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