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5 iPhone Camera Features Every Photographer Should Use

iPhone Camera
5 iPhone Camera Features Every Photographer Should Use
One of the great components of the iPhone is its camera, many of us use our camera to click the quality photographs and use it for different purpose.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the five such features which every iPhone user should know for better photography.

Lock Focus & Exposure

The iPhone also allows you to lock both the focus and exposure. So why would you want to lock these features when taking a photo?

The main reason is that if anything changes in the scene, such as a moving subject or the lighting is altered, your focus and exposure will remain unchanged.

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That’s why it’s a great idea to lock focus and exposure when you’re expecting movement in the scene.

For example, focus and exposure lock is very useful in street photography. You can frame the shot, and set the focus and exposure in advance, then simply wait for a person to pass through the frame before taking your photo.

Once you’ve locked the focus and exposure, you can take multiple shots of the same scene without having to set focus and exposure each time.  To lock focus and exposure, just tap and hold the screen for a couple of seconds at the point where you want to set the focus. A yellow box with AE/AF LOCK will appear at top of the screen.

Note that you can still swipe up or down on the screen to adjust exposure manually.

Now no matter what happens inside the frame or how you move the iPhone, the focus and exposure will remain unchanged.
Take HDR Photos

HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range, is another great photography tool that’s built into the camera of your iPhone.

HDR photography with the iPhone combines three different exposures of the same photo to create one properly exposed image.

It’s great for high contrast scenes with bright and dark areas as it allows you to capture more detail in both the shadows and the highlights.

The photo below doesn’t use HDR. Notice how the foreground is quite dark, while some of the bright clouds are completely over-exposed with no detail at all.

Take Photos With Volume Buttons

Have you ever missed the iPhone’s tiny on-screen shutter button? If so, switch to using the volume buttons on the side of your iPhone!

Use Geotagging… Only If You Want To

When you enable geotagging, you’ll always know where you took a particular photo. If you can’t remember where you took those incredible landscape photo years ago, now it’s no longer a problem since the iPhone saves that information for you.

This data can be used to search for a particular location within the Photos app, or even display your images on a map using apps like Google Photos

Either of these buttons can be used for shutter release, and the tactile feedback you get from pressing a real button is definitely much more satisfying than pressing a digital button.
Turn On the Grid

The grid (two horizontal and two vertical lines that divide the screen into nine equal parts) is one of the most useful photography tools on the iPhone.

The grid serves as a reminder to always think about composition when taking a photo.

When composing a great iPhone photo, it often looks best if you place your subjects at the intersection of two grid lines. This is called the rule of thirds, and it’s one of the keys to great photography.

You’ll also want to be sure that your horizon is straight in any landscape photo. The grid is a terrific tool for keeping your image level.

To turn on the grid, go to the Settings app, scroll down to Photos & Camera, and make sure the Grid option is turned on.

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