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7 hidden tricks for iPhone you didn't know existed

7 hidden tricks for iPhone you didn't know existed
Even if you are a big fan of iPhone and have been using the device for long time for all day every day, you will agree with me that there are still a handful of features that are relatively unknown.

Some of these features are buried in the Settings menu while others are hidden in plain sight. Discovering new iPhone features is a great way to spice things up when interacting with your device. Not only that, but finding out about a new feature could even make your iPhone-using experience more productive.

You will agree that finding the new features is not that easy as it takes months before we encounter something new in our device. Making this practice easy today we are sharing 7 hidden features of iPhone which will enable you to take out more from your iPhone.

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Boost Photos HDR

HDR stands for High-dynamic range photos. What this technology essentially does is take two photos, match both of their best qualities together, and offer up a stunning photo in about 3-5 seconds. The iPhone allows you to take these type of photos by going into the camera app, clicking “Options” at the top center, and switching on “HDR”. It’s important to remember that HDR automatically turns off when you adjust flash settings, and HDR automatically adjusts lighting, so put this into consideration as well.

Define Terms Dictionary

If you are like me, you try to have the least amount of applications as possible, especially if the iPhone from a native app do something just as well. This is the case with word definitions on iPhone. Simply press and hold on a word to highlight, using the blue circles to narrow down to a single word, and then clicking “Define”. From there, the pronunciation, part of speech and definition along with an example appears. It’s simple, but sweet.

View only unread emails

So you don’t practice “inbox zero” like I do but you only want to see unread emails in your inbox. Tap the Mailboxes link in the top right corner of the Mail app and then tap Edit. Tap the circle next to “Unread” and you’ll have a new folder that contains only your unread emails. 

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This is one of the new iPhones’ best features and there are still SO many people who don’t know about it. Double-touch (don’t tap, touch) on the home button and the entire screen will shift down so you can reach the top without shifting your grip.

View every photo someone has texted you, and vice versa

There's an easy way to view every photo and video you've sent someone. Just open the messaging thread in the "Messages" app and press the "Details" button in the upper right corner.

Multitask within emails.

If you're in the middle of an email, you don't need to trash it to return to your inbox and browse other messages. As you're composing an email, simply tap the top of the message where it says either "New Message" or the subject and drag it down to the bottom of the screen. This will push the message to the bottom so you can look at other emails. When you want to return, simply tap the email to keep editing it.

Know when iMessages are Read

Whenever you are annoyed about not hearing back from someone you’ve messaged, iMessage offers a great solution: through the use of Read Receipts, you can view when a message has been read and at what time/date. To activate, go to Settings > Messages > and toggle on Send Read Receipts. This not only allows you to know, but also allows the recipient to know you’ve read their message.

These are some cool tips for all the iPhone users, we do understand there are many more features which are hidden in the device, so if you have encountered any of them, please with us in the comment section below.

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