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7 tips & tricks to get maximum out of your Apple watch

Apple Watch
7 tips & tricks to get maximum out of your Apple watch
iWatch is the latest device from Apple in the market, and believe us its one of the best wearable in the market currently with lots of option and ease of use.

But as you know any new device in the market have some hidden tips and tricks which can be handy for the day to day usage. Keeping that in mind today in this article we are sharing 7 tips which will help you get more out of your device.

Swipe Notifications/Lists for Hidden Options

This is one of these things that a number of Apple Watch users have had a hard time figuring out, because it isn’t a general rule of thumb that works everywhere. Generally, whenever you see a list of items (most commonly occurring in the Notifications view), try swiping sideways to ‘discover’ hidden options. The most obvious place this works is in the Notifications shade, but you can also try left-swiping in Messages app on your Apple Watch to discover options for Details and Delete.

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Make Workout app better

The Workout app is really light on data display, but you can make this a little better by heading to the settings in the Watch app on your iPhone. Turn on the Show Goal Metric setting to reveal two pieces of data at one time instead of just one plus a goofy and not very informative progress ring (but I’d argue this app still needs a redesign for better info density).

Use passcode once a day

If you set a passcode on your Watch (any why would’t you?), you only need to enter it once a day. Your Watch will remain unlocked until you take it off your wrist at night to charge it up. To unlock the Watch, you can either type your passcode directly on the display or you can unlock your iPhone with TouchID while the watch is on your wrist. No typing needed. I just saved you 5 taps per day. You’re welcome.

Siri is more smatter on watch

Siri dictation on the Watch works incredibly well, even better than on the iPhone, so don’t hesitate to use it for text messaging. If not for the fact that it makes you look silly to do so in public, I’d use it all the time.

Customize Digital Touch before Sending

If you and a friend of yours are both wearing Apple Watches, there are certain unique ways to interact with them. Apart from sending them standard messages and emojis, you know you can send them hand-drawn Digital Touch messages that appear exactly that way on their watch, right? In the Digital Touch interface, you can touch the coloured dot top right to change the color of the Digital Touch (default is blue), but you knew that already, too. What is lesser known here is that when the color picker shows, you can tap and hold (not Force Touch) any color to open to a palette that will allow you to customize the shade of a color beyond the preset choices. Pretty neat.
Also, when sending the interactive emoji using Digital Touch, you get the option for smiley face, a heart and certain hand gestures. If you use Force Touch on the smiley face and the heart, you can change the color. For smiley face, you have yellow and red, but for the heart, you can also opt for purple as you cycle through the colors.

Set Reminders from Your Apple Watch

If you look at the apps on your Apple Watch, you’ll notice that there is no Reminders app to be found. Well, the watch does support reminders; they just don’t have a dedicated app. Instead, if you want to create a reminder using your Apple Watch, Siri is your go-to-assistant. Just tell Siri what you need to be reminded off and when, and a reminder will be created that will even reflect on your iPhone. And when the time comes, your will watch will remind you using haptic feedback.

Use Energy-Efficient Colors for Improved Battery Life

This one isn’t really a hidden feature but more of a missing guideline from Apple. The Apple Watch uses a flexible OLED display panel, and like all various display technologies, it has its own pros and cons, including certain colors that suit the display better than others. Since various watch faces allow you to change the color of the display, it’s worth noting that green and yellow are the most energy-efficient colors for your Apple Watch, and will result in maximum battery life out of a single charge. On the other hand, the most taxing colors battery-wise are white, blue and purple. So, if you use a watch face that allows for color customization, keep this in view when you’re looking to maximize battery life.

These are some of the tips which will help you get maximum out of your Apple Watch, we do understand that there are lot more tricks to get maximum out of the watch, so if you know some of them do share with us in comments section below.

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