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Comet Smartphone: Smartphone which can swim with you

Comet Smartphone
Comet Smartphone: Smartphone which can swim with you

If I ask, what is Update in Technology? Everybody will have different Answer of it. But if you ask me, according to me update in technology is not upgrading specifications or improving specific features, its all about changing the whole experience from the existing technology, Smartphone was one of the examples, when it shifted from the feature phones and as we all know what smartphone as a technology in the market. No words is required to explain.

But if you have noticed, nothing much has changed from the long time in the Smartphone, don’t miss understood me, I am not saying that nothing is changing on technology front, I am talking about the upgrading front. Same design (almost by every OEM) and similar features is revolving around.
In the recent search on the internet I found something very interesting and thought of sharing with you all. Think of Smartphone which will be swimming with you while you are in swimming Pool, Sounds amazing isn’t it?

Yes, its reality with the comet Smartphone, the world’s first “super smartphone” that floats in water.

Equipped with an ultra-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 2.0 GHZ Octa-Core Processor and with 4 GB of RAM, it will be able to take multitasking to a whole different level. It has a  4.7″ full HD display along with a 16 MP front and rear camera that makes amateur photography look professional. And a 2800 mAh battery, which is even better than the I-Phone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which adds to its awesomeness.

Key Features:

  • The World’s first buoyant phone: The sleek model has been designed in such a way that it could defy all the laws of physics to float in water. And that’s a first for any phone.
  • Mood Recognition: Comet recognises our mood. While every well-wisher could fail to recognise our mood, Comet will never fail in doing so. Mood recognizer is designed on a platform that detects the body temperature and can assess your emotions by changing colours of its LED notification light.
  • Q-Lock: A quantum leap in securing the privacy of its users, the Q-lock uses a military grade encryption to protect our privacy whenever we will communicate with another Comet user.
  • Bubble Messenger: Messaging will be more fun with the Bubble messenger, exclusive to Comet users, as it uses never-used-before graphics, animations, and stickers.
  • Smart Earphones: Unlike the bunch of other earphones offered with the other phones, Comet will give us wireless earphones which will take your fashion quotient to a whole new level.
  • Dual Cam: Use both the front as well as the rear cam simultaneously. And the most amazing thing of all, there will be no difference in the quality of both the cameras as they both are of 16 MP.


As of July 18, the phone can be pre-ordered at a price of 249$ or 17,000 INR(approx.) for the 32 GB variant.


The phone is a must buy for its ultra-innovative features and over the top specifications for such a low price.

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