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Five iPhone Camera Tips to make you pro photographer

iPhone SE
Five iPhone Camera Tips to make you pro photographer

iPhone has got one of the best camera, when we compare with the devices equivalent to it, but sometimes having the good hardware don’t help you to click good photographs. Some cool trips will help you in that course.

Phone photography is one of the awesome things Smartphone has given us, considering the quality of the camera iPhone carry; the photography has been taken to different level all together. When we compare the phone photography with the DSLR photography according to me the biggest issue I see carrying one extra device while I am on holidays or tour, while phone photography helps you to reduce one device.   

With phone photography you get freedom of capturing moments with my family and things as it happens. So keeping all these in mind today we are sharing some cool tips which will help you to become better phone photographer.

Hold the phone like you would a camera

When I first got my iPhone and discovered the camera I was holding it with just one hand and almost gliding it around… now I hold the ‘camera’ in two hands and with my right hand I ‘click’ the shutter as you would a regular camera…

I also imagine my camera screen as the viewfinder on my big camera – when I first started iPhoneology I was holding the phone out in front of me at a ridiculous angle and doing some strange straight-armed, head back movement, robot style. Now I hold the phone in front of me with both hands and ‘look’ through the screen to what I am taking a photo of as I would with the other camera rather than kinda looking past the phone… I hope that makes sense?

Use the camera grid to set-up your shot

While wonky photos can look cool if they're deliberate, it's all too easy to accidentally end up with a tilted horizon when you're snapping pictures casually.

The best way to make sure your pictures are straight is to turn on the grid, which superimposes a series of lines on the screen, to help you compose your photo.

This isn't something you can do within the camera app. Instead you need to go into your iPhone settings, select "Photos & Camera", and switch the grid on.

The gridlines can also be used as a guide for the rule of thirds - a principal based around the idea that photos look better when your subject isn't slap-bang in the middle of the scene.

Place them to either side, with perhaps another secondary element to interest the eye on the other side, and you'll have a recipe for a winning photo.

Change exposure manually

The iPhone lets you to add or remove light from your photos by manually adjusting the exposure.
After you tap on the subject of the photo, you’ll notice a small sun icon on a vertical line to the right of the central box.

Drag the sun up on this line to increase the exposure of your photos, or drag down to decrease.
Increasing the exposure will brighten the photo, as the shutter will stay open longer and let more light hit the sensor.

This can be particularly useful when taking photos in low light conditions. Experiment with this and you’ll soon find that you can turn an otherwise poor photo into something quite special.

Add a filter

In the bottom right corner of your iPhone camera app is an icon with three overlapping circles. Tap that to add a filter to your photo before you take it.

This is like Instagram, but before you even take your photo.

Of course, there are plenty of third-party apps that let you add filters after the app is taken. One good option is VSCO, which also lets you to adjust the "temperature" and "exposure" settings.

Clean the lens… duh!

I didn’t do this for ages and I don’t do it enough now still. My phone is in my bag, in my pocket, floating about in the car and ultimately has grubby little kiddo fingers all over tit so cleaning it makes a difference to the resulting shot.

These are some of the Cool tips which will help you get best out of your iPhone Camera, do share your experience or add on tips in comment section below.

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