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Kim Kardashian is very sad on losing her Balckberry Bold

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is very sad on losing her Balckberry Bold

The famous Hollywood actress Kim Kardashian is very sad with the news that the Blackberry Bold has died. Kim took micro blogging site Twitter to tell the world that her beloved BlackBerry Bold had died. She has also asked fans what she should use as a replacement.

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As per the series of twittes, Kardashian admitted she typically uses two phones, including an iPhone, but continued to hold on to a BlackBerry Bold for, I presume, the keyboard and the form factor. BlackBerry discontinued that phone and isn’t building new models. Kardashian said she couldn’t find a replacement on eBay, and wondered if she should try other brands, like phones offered by Samsung.

We believe all the marketing people from the different company must have started the work to place their brand in Kim’s hands, but according to us Kim should try BlackBerry priv as it will help her to get all the comforts of physical form factor. We hope Blackberry Marketing team must have approached her for the same.

We will keep you updated if Kardashian shares something about the new device, we would like to ask from our readers what do you feel which device should Kim Kardashian buy to replace Blackberry bold. Do share your suggestions in comment section below.

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