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New video goes behind the scenes of an iPhone 7 leak for the first time ever

iPhone 7
New video goes behind the scenes of an iPhone 7 leak for the first time ever
Unlike last year, this year we have seen increased number of images and video leaks for the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, originating mainly from China. We have also shared many images and videos about the devices from the different source and websites.

But the harsh reality of those images and videos were that were of dummy devices.  All of them are similar when it comes to overall design, and we’re used to seeing iPhone 7 units pop up in all sorts of colors, including traditional ones and brand new options.

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Now, anew video goes behind the scenes and gives us an inside look at the facilities that make these iPhone 7 mockups.

Obtained by Twitter user @the_malignant, the video below shows what appears to be a Rose Gold iPhone 7 Plus that’s about to be engraved with the markings you expect to see on the back of the handset.

However, from the looks of that workbench, the machine doesn’t appear to be in a Foxconn or Pegatron plant. In fact, it’s beyond unlikely someone would be able to capture video of an unreleased iPhone device from inside Foxconn or Pegatron.

The iPhone in the video looks very much like most of the iPhone 7 units that have popped up on Weibo and YouTube in recent weeks. And its shops with equipment like the machine you see above make them. The models are then used by case makers and other iPhone accessory companies — and they’re shown off in leaks, of course.

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That’s not to say that these iPhone 7 models aren’t accurate in terms of design. It just goes to show that people who are in the business of making iPhone clones are getting better and better at it. It’s believed that these dummy units are based on actual iPhone 7 schematics that leaked from Foxconn months ago.

New iPhone 7 Plus should come with dual camera and removing headphone jacks from the device. As per the reports and expectations, Apple should unveil the iPhone 7 in early September, and launch it by the end of the month.

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