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Seven iPhone and iPad secrets tips & tricks that you should know

Seven iPhone and iPad secrets tips & tricks that you should know
iPad and iPhone are companion of many people for their day to day work. We have shared many tips and tricks about the devices to get maximum out of your device and taking that series ahead today we are going to talk about the seven iPhone and iPad secrets tips which will help you to get maximum out of your device.

Use Your Ears to Open Siri

This is certainly a rare gesture control! You can now open Siri without holding down the Home button. Open Settings, go to General and open Siri. You get an option of ‘Raise to Speak.’ Once you activate this option, the light sensor on the iPhone is set to work. Simply press the phone to your ears, and once the sensor detects your ears, Siri will open up.

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A Quick Glance at Drafts

Apple provides you with the ease of viewing your drafts from the Mail’s main menu. To get to your drafts within seconds, press and hold the ‘Compose’ button present in the bottom right-hand corner. This will immediately present the drafts folder and you can get back to complete those incomplete messages you left in a hurry.

iPad’s Split Keyboard for Typing Faster

If typing on Apple’s tablet is troubling you, there is a more comfortable keyboard available for you. By holding down the keyboard key of iPad, you can split the keyboard apart. This way you can type easily with your thumbs, which is better for people who are accustomed to typing on Smartphones. In order to put the split keyboard in a convenient position, just drag the keyboard button upwards.

Take a Sneak Peek at Recently Taken Pictures

If you want to take a quick look at the pictures you have just taken, go to the camera app and simply slide the screen from left to right. The last picture taken will immediately pop up!

Swipe through Safari History

In the latest iOS 7 or upper version, it has bestowed Safari with a gesture-based navigation of its own. Simply swipe from left edge to the right and the screen goes back to previous page of browser history. Similarly, swipe the right edge to left and the screen will take you forward (if you’ve gone back to a previous page). These gestures come in quite handy in finding a particular web page, especially on a tablet or Smartphone.

Sync Your Downloads

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all your downloaded files could be synced automatically across all your iOS devices? Rejoice! It is possible now. For music, apps and books, IOS 7 allows you to sync your downloaded files through Automatic Downloads. To do so, go to Settings and open Store, here you can check Automatic Downloads option for any of the three, i.e. music, apps and books. After that, all your files will stay in harmony across all devices. Neat!

Quick Navigation of Home Screen and Multitasking Drawer

Apple’s iPad consists of few gestures that enable users to navigate through the home screen easily and quickly.

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Pinch the screen with four fingers and you’ll get back to the home screen. You don’t even need to click the home button. To get to the multitasking interface, simply swipe, four fingers up. However, if these gestures don’t work on your iPad, then perhaps you need to turn them on. Go to Settings & General, and there you’ll find options for these gestures.

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