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7 Essential tips for iOS 10: a must know list for all the iPhone & iPad Users

iOS 10 with iPhone
7 Essential tips for iOS 10: a must know list for all the iPhone & iPad Users
As per our stats and online reports, iOS 10 has been adopted by one-third of the iOS devices (data updated last week). As far as the adaptation rate is concerned it bit slower than the last year update. In 2015, Apple saw iOS 9 installed on more than 50 percent of all compatible iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch units in only four days. 

if you have not downloaded the latest version of the iOS, then we have lists of Things you should do before downloading iOS 10. 

Keeping this topic aside we have some great tips to all those one third device owners who has updated to latest firmware or for you if you have updated recently. In this article, we are going to talk about the 7 essential tips for iOS 10 users.

Make messages more meaningful

Or just have way more fun texting friends and family. Bubble effects let you change the way messages appear on screen: Invisible ink keeps notes shrouded in mystery until tapped, and the slam effect ensures whoever is receiving your texts notices.

Full-screen effects are also available. Send a "happy birthday" sentiment along with balloons floating across the screen. To access these effects, type your message and then hold down on the send button until the options appear.

Let friends know where you are

So-called "contextual predictions" allow Siri to make intelligent suggestions as you type, and it's more than just text prediction.

If your mother asks “Where are you?” there's a one-tap option to share your current location. The Quick Type keyboard also makes it easier to share contact information. So if she asks, “What's so-and-so's number?” the phone number in question will automatically populate.

Send handwritten notes (or doodles of your cat)

Why send a beautiful, high-definition picture of your cat when you can send a hand-drawn doodle? By turning your phone sideways while typing a message, you can doodle freely. Or send a thoughtful, cursive note.

Make sense of your group conversations

Overwhelmed in group chats? The new iOS 10 Tap back options allow you to react to comments with hearts, dislikes, question marks, and laughing. This works in two-way conversations, too, but is most useful when there are multiple voices in the virtual room.

Get to your camera faster

All you have to do is swipe left on the lock screen to bring up your camera. You can still drag up to access the camera icon, but why use two steps when you can use just one?

Dim your flashlight

Having a light to find whatever you dropped between the airplane seats is helpful. But people will hate way less now that you can adjust the brightness of your flashlight.

From the Control Centre, press and hold the flashlight icon. You can select low, medium, or bright light, depending on the situation.

Personalize your widgets

Swiping right no longer unlocks your phone. Instead, it accesses the “Today” view.

Personalize what shows up here by scrolling all the way to the bottom (past the “up next” calendar brief, news, weather report, and more). Press edit to add or remove widgets, and rearrange their order.

These are some of the tips which will help you get maximum out of your iOS 10 running devices. Subscribe to App Gyaan for all the latest updates and tricks from the Mobile industry.

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