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7 iOS 10 tips and tricks to turn you into an iPhone and iPad master

iPhone 6 with iOS 10
7 iOS 10 tips and tricks to turn you into an iPhone and iPad master
Apple has launched its new OS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the iOS 10. According to Apple and what we also believe, iOS 10 is the best ever OS made by Apple, it is loaded with dozens of cool new features and possibilities for the users.

From using Siri in third party apps to deleting the stock apps from the device, it is loaded with the features, and you will not have to pay anything for thisJ, unlike iPhone 7.

Jocks apart, if you don’t want to update your existing iPhone to iPhone 7 and looking to make maximum out of your existing device, then believe me this article is going to help you in many ways.

Send WhatsApp through Siri

Hey, Siri, do something useful. Oh, you can now, brilliant. Having graduated over the summer, Siri is now smarter than ever and plays nice with a number of third-party apps for the first time, including the likes of WhatsApp.

Now, instead of dictating your messages to the digital PA to be sent out as texts, Siri will let you read out your commands to messaging services that are still actually relevant. All you've got to do is make sure your version of WhatsApp is up to date then bust out the correct vocal commands: "Hey, Siri. Send a WhatsApp to Alice..."

Use GIFS in your messages

Who doesn't love a good GIF? Well thanks to iOS 10, it's now easier than ever to fill your messages with laughter-inducing moving images, and all without the need to spend 45 minutes scouring the web for the perfect witty response.

When you're in the Messages app, tapping the new App Store icon will bring a pop-up of additional input options. Tapping 'Images' here will let you scour a comprehensive catalogue of stills and GIFs. Helping you find the perfect GIF without the leg work, there's even a search box where you can drop keywords. Let the endless GIF back-and-forth commence.

Get rid of all the notification at one go (Similar to Android)

Select. Swipe. Delete. Repeat. That used to be the laborious process required to clear the 43 notifications that came through to your phone on a nightly basis if you wanted to abate your OCD needs for a clean, clutter-free device. But no more.

Now, a firm 3D press can help rid all your outstanding notifications in one fell swoop. Huzzah. When you pull down your Notifications window, 3D pressing the "X" in the top right corner will now give you a "Clear All Notifications" option. Tapping this will do what you expect and save you from repetitive strain injuries. You'll need an iPhone 6S for it to work though.

Delete the Stock Apps

Finally! We have the feature which we (iPhone and iPad users) were looking for, listening to all the request Apple has finally given the option to the users. With iOS 10 you can delete the stock apps which is of now use to you.

Enjoy Split-Screen Browsing on iPad

All these iOS 10 updates aren't just about giving your iPhone a new lease of life, y'know. There's a number of iPad-exclusive improvements to give your slate a second wind too. Chief amongst these is the new split-screen Safari skill, letting you make the most of your slate's on-screen real estate and view two web pages’ side-by-side.

Perfect for comparing items on your latest online shopping spree or simply multi-tasking your online browsing habits, you can set to browser windows up side-by-side simply by long pressing on a browser tab and dragging it into the corner of your iPhone. Want to go back to full-screen browsing? Just tap that little "x" and watch things return to normal.

Use your iPhone as magnifying glass

You're getting older, it's fine, it happens to the best of us. There's no need to suffer in silence though. Instead you can use iOS 10's hidden skills to transform your iPhone into a magnifying glass. How? Well it's all pretty easy.

Assuming your ailing eyes still let you read what's on the screen, all you need to do is go Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier and tap the slider across to the on position. Now, whenever you're in the camera app, giving a quick triple tap of your phone's home button will make use of the snapper's zoom, bringing you closer to whatever you're looking at or trying to read. Although making things bigger from the off, there's even a handy slider to let you get as close to the action as you need.

Send your Heartbeat in text

Whether as a cry for medical help or a cutesy "This is how much I love you" sign of affection, you can now send your heartbeat using Messages. OK, so it's not your actual heartbeat, but bae will get the idea from the pulsing Digital Touch graphic. To send, in Messages, tap the heart symbol and hold two fingers on the screen.

Not taken with the gimmicky nature of sending your beating heart? Don't worry, Digital Touch also lets you send your own drawings – cue endless penis sketches that will emerge in intimate real-time drawing detail on the recipient's own iOS equipped device.

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